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Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Essay, Research Paper

Thirteen old ages ago, cholesterol-lowering drugs called lipid-lowering medicines were introduced as a intervention for people with bosom disease. In the comparatively short sum of clip the drug has been available, it has been prescribed to about five million people. Originally, lipid-lowering medicines were introduced to forestall bosom onslaughts and protract the lives of people with bing bosom disease or with a history of bosom disease. Recently, nevertheless, surveies have shown that lipid-lowering medicines are non merely utile for the intervention of bosom disease, but are besides utile in the lowering of cholesterin degrees.

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Although lipid-lowering medicines have few known side effects, many physicians believe that the drugs are excessively new to govern out the possibility of more. The known side effects include liver and musculus toxicity in up to 1 per centum of patients. Surveies besides show the possibility of an addition in self-destructive inclinations but that has been yet to be proved because there have been excessively few surveies. The deficiency of research on the drugs besides allows for the possibility of unrecognised toxicity. Because of this possibility, the FDA voted to forbid, for now, the nonprescription gross revenues of lipid-lowering medicines. Along with the unknown side effects of the drugs, another downside is their cost. Because lipid-lowering medicines are comparatively new, their cost is excessively high for physicians to order it to everyone who has the possibility of profiting from them.

Lipid-lowering medicines are enzyme inhibitors. They work by suppressing the enzyme HMG CoA reductase that binds with a reagent to bring forth cholesterin. Cells in the liver use the enzyme HMG CoA reductase to bring forth cholesterin. Liver cells need a little sum of cholesterin because cholesterin is needed for all cellular maps. In order to bring forth the cholesterin needed, liver cells produce excess receptors to roll up L.D.L. from the blood stream. The new receptor sites use the L.D.L. drifting in the blood stream, go forthing less of the unsafe signifier of cholesterin to roll up in blood vass. This lowering of the sum of L.D.L. in the blood watercourse benefits the bosom by halting plaque from constructing up and perchance tearing, organizing a coagulum that can hinder blood flow and in bend putting to death oxygen starved tissue.

The information in the article about the decrease of cholesterin degrees by Stationss helped me to better understand the practical utilizations for the

suppression of enzymes and besides larn more about the function cholesterin plays in the organic structure and in cellular maps. In talk, I learned about both cholesterin and enzymes, but before reading the article, I did non to the full understand the connexion between the two. By reading the article, I learned many things about cholesterin that I did non antecedently know. I learned how cholesterin can hold both positive and negative effects on the organic structure. I learned that although cholesterin is needed for all cellular maps, it can besides negatively consequence the organic structure by organizing plaque which could perchance interrupt apart organizing coagulums which stop blood flow to of import tissues. Finally, I learned that L.D.L. or low–density lipoprotein is the “bad” signifier of cholesterin that floats about in the blood stream and that it is the type of cholesterin which is responsible for doing the coagulums which have the possibility of harming of import variety meats such as the bosom.

Another of import thing I learned from the article on lipid-lowering medicines is the sum of research it takes to happen out all of the benefits and side effects of a drug. It amazes me the long sum of clip it takes to calculate out the side effects of a drug. Lipid-lowering medicines were introduced about 13 old ages ago and yet they are still non wholly certain whether they cause self-destructive inclinations or if they have the possibility of bring forthing unrecognised toxins. To me, 13 old ages seems like a big sum of clip. I thought that with all of today & # 8217 ; s advanced engineering, scientists would be able to execute surveies on the freshly introduced drugs with greater velocity and that had consequences that would either turn out or confute the predicted side effects. It amazes me that this is non the instance. A drug that has been around for over a decennary can still non be sold over the counter because it still is non wholly understood.

By reading the article, I learned many new things about cholesterin and enzymes that I did antecedently cognize. It was good to see how scientific discipline is able to handle many harmful conditions through new drugs and surveies, but it is besides dissatisfactory that the procedure takes so long. Reading about how lipid-lowering medicines help cut down cholesterin which in bend helps handle bosom disease gives me the hope that one twenty-four hours in my life-time, there will be drugs that will be able to assist dainty or even perchance bring around other dangerous diseases such as Cancer and AIDS.