Choose the Best-In-Class KIBO Robot Kit from KinderLab RoboticsChildren of today’s generation are huge fans of robots and some are new to this concept but like it. In this regard, KinderLab Robotics has something enthralling to offer to its customers. KinderLab Robotics specializes in designing, developing and selling the best quality robot kits for kids exclusively through own online store.A robot kit named KIBO has been designed and developed for children aged 4 to 7 years. This thrilling product is a result of a detailed research of over 15 years on new and developing technology that has the potential to create massive educational opportunities for young children.

Initially, KIBO was designed with a focus to allow children to create individualized educational robots inspired by their own interests and experiences. Children had the liberty to create, program and operate the robot according to their own whims and fancies. Using KIBO, children can not only create educational robot but also their favourite character from a favorite movie, a car, a dancer and many other things that randomly pops up in their minds. The next step is to develop and sequence instructions, that is basically program the robot by using various wooden KIBO blocks and scan the blocks with KIBO’s body to instruct robot.Education systems remain to be competitive and it is essential that parents focus on developing their child’s learning and reasoning skills at young age. KIBO’s modules and programming blocks are simply brilliant tools in order to enhance and develop cognitive skills while aiming at proper engagement in optimistic learning activities.

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Children who dream big at young age can really do wonders just by using KIBO at young age. For example, if they aspire to be engineers, dancers, choreographers or even writers they can achieve it brilliantly.The online store of KinderLab Robotics allows parents, teachers and other third parties that are involved to access KIBO. Parents can easily choose robot toys for young children or simply combine multiple kits for their children and hence create personalized classroom packets for a group of children.

The kits have additional instructional resources attached to it so that they can win the trust of the kids and inculcate a sense of confidence in them at a very early age. They make the child believe that they can dream big and achieve it by just getting used to KIBO. The kit comprehensively includes activity guide cards, engineering design journals, assessment packs, KIBO curriculum samples and “KIBO Says” (programming game).KIBO can easily solve and create numerous possibilities for teachers so as to focus on dynamic and creative learning of children. It contains exceptional workbooks and curriculums, assessments and KIBO-specific training also.

KinderLab Robotics has fantastic programming options so that more blocks can be conveniently added to KIBO set. In addition to this it also offers accessories such as sound sensor, light sensor, firmware update cable and many more KIBO-specific modules.For additional information, visit