Christianity And Buddhism Essay, Research PaperChristian religion became the faith of Emperor Constantine and the official faith of the Roman Empire in 395. Christianity strongly advocates Acts of the Apostless of kindness, compassion and good workss. John the Baptist encouraged the people to portion with others what you have.

He preached non-violence and divine people to be content and satisfied within their agencies. He preached the penitence of wickednesss and the coming of Jesus.Jesus preached forgiveness and tolerance.

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He did non believe in reprobating people for their wickednesss, for if you judge people you can non love them.In my sentiment, the rules of Christianity relate to the instructions of Hinduism and Buddhism. & # 8220 ; Karma & # 8221 ; is knowing action, that is, a title done intentionally through organic structure, address or head. Karma means good and bad will.

In other words, Karma is the jurisprudence of moral causing. It is action and reaction in the ethical kingdom. It is natural jurisprudence that every action produces a certain consequence. So if one performs wholesome actions such as donating money to charitable organisations, one will see felicity. On the other manus, if one perform unwholesome actions, such buttocks killing a life being, one will see agony.

This is the jurisprudence of cause and consequence at work. In this manner, the consequence of one & # 8217 ; s past karma determine the nature of one & # 8217 ; s present state of affairs in life.The Buddha said,& # 8220 ; Harmonizing to the seed that is sown,So is the fruit you reapThe door of good of will garner good consequenceThe door of evil reaps evil consequence.If you works a good seed good,Then you will bask the good fruits.

& # 8221 ;The theory of karma has a definite entreaty as it proposes that we truly will be rewarded or punished for our good and bad actions. In fact, in this country the theory of karma has anadvantage even over Western spiritual thoughts of an ageless Heaven and ageless Hell ; because any wages or penalty of infinite continuance is clearly non in proportion to one & # 8217 ; s original Acts of the Apostless. In the first topographic point, we have likely all had the experience of making something we believed to be incorrect, and sing a certain pang. Compunction is surely portion of it, but at that place seems besides to be a definite constituent of fright. On some degree, we must anticipate to be punished, even if there is no rational ground to believe such a penalty will happen. Hopefully we have besides each had the experience of making something remarkably nice for another human being, and experiencing warmed by the experience, about as if we had earned the blessing of a loving parent.

If you suppose that the agony in your life is a penalty for past misbehaviors, so it follows that you can amend your life and therefore avoid hereafter penalties. But if you suppose that agony is meted out by opportunity, so the whole system is out of your control. The theory of karma provides a reassurance of this moral order and makes the universe a less awful topographic point.In decision, merely as Christianity preaches Love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and good workss ; Buddhism preaches the same in a similar visible radiation. The lone difference being that Christianity believes in a snake pit and heaven as opposed to Buddhism believing in snake pit or heaven created on Earth by 1s actions.