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As the vas bouncinesss lazily across the moving ridges, a adult male sitting amidships on the crow & # 8217 ; s nest calls out. & # 8220 ; Land, Ho! & # 8221 ; he says in a province of dumfounded exhilaration. After about a twelvemonth at sea, their fatal ocean trip was making a decision. A baronial adult male walks out of the cabin and appraise the state of affairs. He is Christopher Columbus, Portuguese adventurer. Some say he was one of the greatest work forces that of all time lived. He discovered the & # 8220 ; New World & # 8221 ; and brought wealths back to his vassals in Spain. These people are incorrect. He was an imbecile.

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Chris Columbus was an imbecile for many grounds. Most of them include his sheer stupidity. How could one come to a land, lands that had ne’er been seen before, and say it was one that was good known? To come to the Americas and declare them to be the Indies is merely stupid. Detect the terrain and it is evidently non India. The exuberant coastline with its cone-bearing woods and day of the month thenars, trees that do non be in India. Further survey of the flora would hold revieled that the fruits, veggies, and herbs nowadays did non come near to resembling those found in India. The Indian part was good known for it & # 8217 ; s alone spices. These spices were non to be found in the Americas.

Possibly that mental mistake could be overlooked when analyzing Columbus & # 8217 ; character. Others may non be so easy. He got off his boats and started to research. He encountered indigens of these new lands. He figures since this is India, these must be Indians. These so called & # 8220 ; Indians & # 8221 ; were non Indians at a

ll. They were Native Americans. Peoples belonging to local folks of Iroquois, Cheyenne, Aztec, and Mayans. They resembled Indians in no manner at all. Their facial constructions are different, they speak a different linguistic communication, and they worship a different faith.

Okay, so Columbus didn & # 8217 ; t no the Indian people that good, a state of affairs which is wholly apprehensible. Continue further into this expedition in amentia and one finds more grounds of non being in India. Detect the clime. The clime of India is dry, hot, and arid. The lands are parched. The clime in the Americas, on the other manus, is mild, breezy, moist, and really moderate. Quite different from the clime found in the Indian part of the universe. The conditions forms were besides vastly different. India normally suffers from drought conditions for most of the twelvemonth. When it does rain, it is during monsoon season. The storms are rough and barbarous. Deluging is non uncommon. The conditions in the Americas is damp and exuberant. Rainstorms happen at least one time every two hebdomads, and they are normally merely a light, easy rain.

Upon reappraisal, it is easy determinable that Columbus was non a bright adult male. Give him recognition for detecting the New World. Give him recognition for turn outing the universe was non level, and that circumnavigation was rather possible. He was a great adult male. But the fact remains. Merely an imbecile would disregard all the identifying factors, the overpowering grounds and name the Americas India. Give recognition where recognition is due, and topographic point a incrimination of stupidity where deserved.