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& # 8211 ; The Sick Tycoon Essay, Research Paper

In the early 1980 & # 8217 ; s a immature confident adult male

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named Christopher Charles Skase became universe celebrated by accumulating a list

of assets including a multi-million dollar company called Quintex, the

channel 7 web, Mirage resorts and a figure of excessive houses across

the universe.

Christopher Skase was born on the 18th

of September 1948 in Melbourne, Australia. He grew up in a rich household

traveling to Malvern and Caulfield Grammar Schools. He foremost started doing

money as a stockbroker and so as a finance journalist. In 1975 he bought

a little Tasmanian based company called Quintex. Borrowing to a great extent the Company

expanded into resort developments including 5 Mirage resorts and the media

company, channel 7 web.

Buoyed by his success Skase began to stand for

Australia & # 8217 ; s enterprisers of the 80 & # 8217 ; s. Brash, extravagant and fearless.

Who could bury his Christmas parties in Brisbane last decennary?

The Quintex group of companies collapsed

in 1989. By 1991 Skase a seasoned abroad traveler failed to return to

Australia. Bankrupt and aloof he stayed far from place and fought efforts

to coerce him to return for test on the charges brought by the Australian

Securities Commission.

Whilst a occupant of Majorca Skase has

developed his concern ventures by making an international company prosecuting

involvements in resorts. It appears that this scheme has been adopted to

transport favor with the

Spanish Government in relation to investing attractive force.

Since 1994 in Spanish Courts he has fought

extradition proceedings to Australia, claiming that a life endangering

lung status prevented him from going. This was challenged in the

tribunals by informants to his life style in Majorca where he and his married woman Pixie

are populating together with step-daughter Amanda and her hubby Tony Larkin.

The Spanish had until late upheld Skase & # 8217 ; s testimony.

In May 1998, with Senator Amanda Vanstone

taking the charge, the Australian Government cancelled Skase & # 8217 ; s passport.

The Spanish tribunals moved rapidly directing notice to Skase to go forth Majorca

by the 23rd July 1998 due to his deficiency of citizenship. Of class, there

was and continues to be an entreaty.

Gaining that he could be extradited to

Australia since being stateless, Skase moved rapidly to obtain a passport.

In August, 1998 he became a citizen of Dominica and now has a valid Black friar


Bing a new West Indian citizen, Skase

appears to hold all the ones up his arm. Australia has no legal power

now to lawfully reason for his extradition from Spain back to his state

of birth.

His ill fame continues, with brother in

jurisprudence Mr Larkin claiming Skase takes O every twenty-four hours and is so ill he can non

move decently. This is despite intelligence images demoing Skase alive and good.

We all wait for the future episodes of

the saga affecting Australia & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Most Wanted Man. & # 8221 ;