One of the jobs of the students is to keep the classroom straight and ready for each subsequent day of learning. This includes picking up trash, putting desks where they belong, erasing the board, and putting things in order.

This takes time, and finding time to do these basic things can sometimes is difficult for a students. During the time of interviewing, we interviewed many students from class 10 G`5`. In this survey many questions were asked and many of the students lied.We were asking about using dustbins, but seeing the classroom we were shocked cause there classroom was full of wrappers of chocolates, biscuits, noodles and waste products from pencils and there answer was “yes, I use dustbin frequently and I don’t throw any waste things or items on the floor. ” and when we crossed questioned them that “Then what was that on the floor? ” then they replied in low voice that “it was not me it was others students of the class. ” Though they were trying to hide but everything was in front of our eyes and they were lying all the time.

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When we asked them don’t they know about classroom sanitation, if they knew about its not good to throw inside the classroom, don’t they know that it’s against our school rules? They answered in slow that they knew it’s against the rule of school rule and they even knew about the classroom sanitation. Then we questioned over the same question, then why is your classroom so dirty. They couldn’t say anything expect a silent spoke everything that they know about everything but still act like they don’t know anything . hey are just acting like a small kid who doesn’t know anything about right and wrong thing though they are in class 10 who is the senior most class of secondary section. They don’t even know that seeing their class other students of small classes’ children will copy the same thing that they did in classroom.

The small children will imitate the senior brothers and sisters. Next, we crossed questioned them that do they throw wrappers and others waste items or things in class due to their own wish or they were forced by their friends?Then their answer was that they threw everything on the floor by mistakenly. During the time of throwing, they didn’t think thousand times about classroom sanitation and school rules. They just broke the school’s rules mistakenly. If they were allowed to throw anything and everything on the floor then why has school provided them with dustbins in each classroom? They are so careless about their classroom’s sanitation, their friends’ health and even their own health. Mistake is done once or twice but not every day. This mistake is just carelessness of students of class G5.Their one mistake can make them guilty forever.

Now, they are careless but later what will they teach their children when they don’t even know anything, they will teach their young ones how to dirty their classroom how to throw wastes items, products or things and wrappers of chocolates, biscuits and noodles on the floor. We asked our next question to them that when they throw waste items, things or wrappers of chocolates, biscuits and noodles? Do they throw during the process of learning or writing? Or do they go to dustbins in the middle of the running class only to throw the waste?They responded that they don’t go to dustbins just to throw the waste items, products, wrappers of chocolates, biscuits and noodles, they keep all the waste inside their bags and when they subject teacher’s class is over they throw it in the dustbin but many responded that they throw wastes under their desks and benches, so that teachers won’t see them eating in classroom, and they had fear that they may get punishment for eating in classroom and violating the school’s rules and regulation. And this way they weren’t respecting their teachers.And they are so irresponsible that they don’t even care about their teacher’s pride. They should be made to know the meaning of classroom sanitation.

How the sanitation of classroom came about? They are trying to act as they are a ignorant child but they should not forget they are grown ups and should know what is wrong and right so that they can teach their young brothers and sisters cause all students who are in junior section are looking up to them and are hoping to learn something good from there senior of the school. So they should not act like though small brothers and sisters.Waste (also referred to as rubbish, trash, refuse, garbage, or junk) is unwanted or unusable materials. So it should be properly disposed they shouldn’t be thrown on the floor of the classroom.

Sanitation is the hygienic means of promoting health through prevention of human contact with the hazards of wastes. Hazards can be physical, microbiological, biological or chemical agents of disease. Simple technologies (e. g. latrines, septic tanks), or even by personal hygiene practices (e. g. simple hand washing with soap) should be imitate in their life.