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Authoritative Airlines in an air hose company that has been in concern for over 25 old ages and has gained great success within the air hose industry. In the 25 old ages since its creative activity the company has grown to over 32. 000 employees and has generated 10 billion dollars deserving of concern. Although the company has seen great success. it besides is subjected to the many challenges that other air hoses companies face in today’s market. Authoritative air hoses must be able to market its merchandise so that clients will pick there merchandise over rivals within the industry ( University of Phoenix. 2012 ) .

There are several selling constructs that Classic air hoses have applied and are utilizing in their concern. The first selling construct that Classic air hoses usage is the demands. wants. and demands construct.

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This construct is applied by understanding the demands. wants. and demands of the client.

The manner Classic air hoses have done this is make a rewards plan for the client. This feels the demand for a client to acquire something for a decreased monetary value. If the client has adequate stat mis they can upgrade to first category or remain at a Classic air hoses hotel spouse for a free dark ( Kotler & A ; Keller. 2006 ) .

The 2nd construct that Classic air hoses have applied to their concern scheme is offering and trade names. This construct is applied by a house by offering benefits to a client that fills demands and utilizing trade names that are a known trade good. The Classic air hoses wagess plan is a perfect illustration of this selling construct. The air hose offers if a client marks up for the wagess plan they will derive points which can be redeemed for free or decreased points. Although in the reading it does non province what hotel companies are spouses of Classic air hoses they should do certain that these hotels are name trade name hotels such as Marriott or the Hilton so clients feel they are acquiring a premium trade name ( Kotler & A ; Keller. 2006 ) .The 3rd selling construct that Classic air hoses applies is value and satisfaction. The construct is successful if it delivers value and satisfaction to the client.

The client must be able to take between different options to find what the best value is for them. Authoritative does this with the wagess plan. It gives clients options on what value they use one time they earn a certain figure of stat mis. This is a great selling gambit for Classic air hoses because it allows the client to experience as they have the power in the state of affairs and they are able to pick what option is best for their state of affairs. All three of the above selling constructs are used by Classic in some manner through the wagess plan. They are really smart because they use a combination of these constructs to make the wagess plan.

Authoritative knows that they are successful every bit long as the clients are happy. The wagess plan allows the client to have benefits for remaining loyal to Classic air hoses ( Kotler & A ; Keller. 2006 ) .