For my classroom observation, I chose the three year old room at my daycare. In this classroom, music and rhythm were utilized numerous times during my observational period. Upon entering the classroom, the children were working on their morning journals and listening to classical music.

After the children were done it was time for them to transition and prepare for breakfast. To keep the students calm, the teacher turned on jazz music. After breakfast, it was time for circle time.The students said a morning prayer and then sang a good morning song welcoming each other to a new day at school. Circle time involved numerous piggy back concept songs. The months of the year was sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians” and when they talked about the days of the week it was sung to the tune of “Oh my Darling Clementine.

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” The tune of “Frere Jacques” was used when learning their colors and when learning their shapes they sang a song called “Silly, Silly Shapes. The children are learning their short and long vowel sounds, so for this portion of circle time the students did what the teacher calls “The Short Vowel Power Punch” and they once again sang a song for remembering their long vowels. Once the children completed circle time they transitioned into “Music and Movement. ”During this time the children did finger plays and sang “Head and Shoulders” to recognize the parts of their body. The theme for the week was animals, so the children dance to Greg and Steve’s “Animal Action. The children really enjoyed showing the different movements and the sounds each animal made. Since the children were a little jittery when music and movement was over, the teacher used a transition song to prepare them for their morning lesson.

Once the students completed their morning lesson it was time for me to leave. I really enjoyed being able to take the time and observe the three year old classroom because it gave me insight of different methods of music and rhythm that I could also incorporate into my classroom learning.