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I. Introduction The proposed survey revolves around the creative activity of The Coffee House. a proposed little graduated table concern that will be situated in the fast changing environment which is invariably altering due to buildings of edifices and other installations in the Global City in Taguig City.The survey will undertake from the history of the concern up to the proficient and fiscal facets of the survey. the said survey will besides develop the acute observation accomplishments of the pupils in footings of the marketable value of a specific trade name of their liking and will besides hone their analysis accomplishments in the concern side of the proposed survey whether proficient or fiscal.

II. Business History The Coffee House is a new little graduated table concern that targets the java industry with an expected gap day of the month of July of 2011 in 38th Dr. N.University Parkway. Bonifacio North Triangle.

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Bonifacio Global City. Taguig City. The concern is a java store. located near esteemed schools and concern territories in the country. The concern specializes in java. tea.

and homemade pastries. There are other stores that merely function java in the locality. the nearest being over one kilometre off which is stationed at Market Market Mall in the locality. The mark audience of the concern is persons which are both in the work force and in the academia. pupils and professionals likewise.Presently.

there are no topographic points in the environing country that cater to the said mark audience. III. Vision and Mission Statement The vision of “The Coffee House” is to go the prima java store in the country of Bonifacio Global City that is under the administration of Taguig metropolis that besides patterns the “green” operation of its shop and finally provides a common country for concern meetings.

hang-out with friends and even a topographic point for analyzing while basking the merchandises of the concern.The mission of “The Coffee House” is to convey back the grasp of the multitudes to the local java. to interrupt societal norms through the concern. to make an environment that can provide to different types of people all in the same clip.

to lend to the development of one’s ego being. to take portion in the solution of environmental jobs and to be able to promote others in making the same thing and in conclusion to assist deflate the rise of unemployment in the state. Objectives The proposed surveies primary ends over the following twelvemonth are as follows: 1. Secure funding for start-up of at least P1. 380. 000 for infinite and equipment.2. Renovate our infinite in Global City.

3. Acquire equipment necessary for concern. i. e. java pots. cappuccino machines.

liquidizers. etc. 4. Make understanding with java distributers.

and bakery sellers. 5. Make a cosy. clean environment ( i. e. pick of colourss. pick of music.

decor ) 6. Open for another subdivisions and go the first cafe in the country. Ownership The Coffee House is a corporation that was formed in the early phases of the survey. Each person are every bit involved in the operation and direction of the said proposed concern.Since the ownership type of the concern is a corporation type. in footings of net income. duty and liability each person has equal portion.

hence each determination that the concern will take before it will be implemented into the concern the proprietors will foremost measure the proposed execution before implementing it on a first manus footing and if the determination fails. each one of them will besides portion the effects of it. Location and Facilities The Coffee House is located at the 38th Dr. N.

University Parkway. Bonifacio North Triangle. Bonifacio Global City. Taguig City. The advocates presently own the edifice that the proposed concern will busy.Therefore. disbursals for the redevelopment of the country will be taken from the financess of the concern.

Since constructing a concern from the land up. the advocates took a hazard in restituting the proposed location to salvage the concern for monthly addition in cost if the concern will lease a commercial location. In footings of installations. the advocates will avail the basic installations to leap get down the concern and will get more equipment when the concern has received its return of investing. which in the appraisal of the advocates would be on the succeeding months from its launch day of the month.Merchandises and Services Description of Products and Services The Coffee House will offer high quality java our primary merchandise at a really sensible monetary value.

We will besides sell homemade cookies. Brownies. and rings. besides moderately priced. Key Features of the Products and Services All drinks will be made with filtered H2O and the highest quality ingredients we can acquire. Frozen drinks will hold caramel or cocoa sirup drizzled in the glass and over the drink.

Cappuccino and hot coca will hold whipped pick toppings every bit good as the option for confect jimmiess. Cookies will hold the option of a cocoa or caramel dip and jimmiess.We will offer interior decorator flavored pick and five sorts of sweetening. i.

e. sugar. honey. Equal. and Sweet-n-Low. Cream and sweetening is at no excess charge. Production of Products and Services We will utilize merely filtered H2O and will brew our java in commercial coffeepots that will be exhaustively cleaned between utilizations. We will bake cookies.

Brownies and pizza pandesal in our ain on-site oven from proved formulas. daily. Future Products and Services Within the following three to five old ages we expect to ramify out into catering and offer homemade pies. whole or by the piece.Comparative Advantages in Production Our low operating expense and cheaper pricing will be the key to our success. Industry Overview Market Research There are other concerns that serve merely java in the country.

Size of the Industry Nationally. the java store industry is rather big. but in Global City. there are merely three. The nearest 1 is in Market Market which is less than one ( 1 ) kilometre off.

Industry Outlook The java concern does non demo marks of decelerating down. With new inventions such as flavorers and additives. it should go on for some clip.

Marketing Strategy.Target Markets – Our mark market is creative persons and authors who need a nice rather cosy topographic point to believe and make their work. Description of Key Competitors Of the three java stores in the country. one is a big concatenation with a really expensive merchandise.

one is truly a place manner eating house. the last 1. and our biggest is a Celebrated Coffee Shop with an “Elegant Style Setting” . Analysis of Competitive Position Our pricing scheme. comfy ambiance and offering free wireless local area network entree will be the key to our success. None of the other stores in the country can offer this. Pricing Strategy The concern will offer three sizes of drinks. little.

medium and big.Which ranges from 50 pesos to 100 pesos. our cookies and Brownies will sell for P50.

00 each/Pizza Pandesal P46 each Promotion Strategy We intend to publicize in the local newspapers and offer a “frequent drinkers club” price reduction to our best clients. We will besides direct out ads via direct mail. which will include cents off vouchers.

Management and Staffing Organizational Structure – Our organisational construction will be a simple pyramid manner with the proprietors seting in every bit much work as the employees. Management Team Rachelle Ann Heyres and Marilou Deondo will portion direction and supervisory duties every bit.Rachelle for the forenoon displacement. Marilou for the afternoon displacement. Staffing We will engage two waiter’s assistants. two waitresses. cooks.

teller. janitors. and besides security guard these will be recruited from the STI. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Busboys- Security guard- A security guards responsibility is to execute the responsibilities allotted to him either to procure a topographic point from external infiltration of people or danger that may interrupt the operation & A ; assets of the organisation. His duties include public presentation of the responsibility allotted to him. to describe to his higher-ups and be accountable for any oversight of responsibility.

Janitors or cleaners- Labor Market Issues In this country there are College pupils looking for work. portion clip or full clip. we want to make full that demand. Regulatory Issues Global City and the province of Taguig City both have ordinances sing nutrient service constitutions. We have already obtained the appropriate concern licenses. Risks Market Risks – The chief hazard is pecuniary.

The country may non be ready for a topographic point like ours and we may non make a great concern but it can be prevented we will offer ( free wi-fi ) entree to all clients every bit long as they want every bit long as they are imbibing our java.Execution Plan Implementation Activities and Dates 1. Get down constructing redevelopment 7/11 2. Complete redevelopment 7/5/11 3. Get down preliminary advertisement 7/6/11 4. Purchase and apparatus equipment 7/10/11 5.

Open for concern 7/15/11 Financial Plan Beginning Balance Sheet – This will be a listing of all of your assets and liabilities. before you open for concern. You may desire to utilize a spreadsheet plan to do this travel easier. Balance Sheet Current Assets: Building P6. 900. 000 Computer P69. 000 Sound System P92.

000 Furnishings P200. 000 Equipment P138. 000 Cash Rachelle P230. 000Marilou P207. 000 Accounts Receivable None Inventory Coffee P46. 000 Tea P23. 000 Other Assets Cups P138.

000 Entire Current Assets P8. 043. 000 Liabilitiess: Histories Collectible ( monthly ) Water P9. 200 Phone P6. 900 Electric P23. 000 Donut Vendor P46.

000 Warehouse Club P46. 000 Coffee Distributor P46. 000 Wagess P230.

000 Ad P46. 000 Taxes Payable Property Taxes P23. 000 Employee Taxes P92. 000 Operating Loans Collectible Startup Loan P23. 000 Entire Liabilities P545100 ongoing per month Projected Income This will be a listing by month of your jutting income.List the jutting income each month for each merchandise. this manner you can compare existent gross revenues to projected gross revenues at the terminal of the twelvemonth to find what merchandises to concentrate on. ( Below is a sample month ) July 05 Coffee P276.

000 Tea P92. 000 Cookies P69. 000 Donuts P115. 000 Misc. P184. 000 Entire Income for March P736.

000 Entire Jutting Net Net income ( Cost/Benefit ) P144. 900 for July This would presume 20 pots of java sold a twenty-four hours. plus an mixture of other points. This besides assumes the market will non increase or diminish due to endure or economics. This would be an mean month.This of class would be adjusted monthly one time you start concern.

Then based on the accommodations and existent gross revenues. you can construct a new balance sheet at the beginning of following twelvemonth. Decisions After you have created the concern program and examined the hard currency flow appraisal you may happen that your net net incomes are non what you would wish them to be. In this instance you may hold to revise your pricing scheme to suit with your outlooks or alter your outlooks. A java store is non a get rich speedy thought ; it takes tonss of difficult work and long hours to recognize your dream. But.

in the long tally. careful planning will do it all worth it. S. W.

O. T analysis Strength * The Coffeehouse will offer nutrients compatible to the java that customer’s orders. * The environment of the concern is ever clean and good ventilated for clients to experience relaxed. * The drinks that the concern offers are locally and of course produced that ensures the quality of the merchandises and lowers extra costs.

* Ingredients for other merchandises that will be offered by the concern like pastries. salads and the likes is organically produce in the concerns green house. * The concern is located near constitutions for concern. academic.

lifting condominiums and the occasional joggers of the country.Weakness * Unlike other java shops the location of our shop is non inside the promenade. * Lot of disbursals.

* Slow restitution for net income. * We need to publicize our java store to the populace to be known unlike the others. * Low fight when it comes to call or trade name.Opportunities * The java that we offer is new to the every persons so the chance in it is that the java drinkers may desire to seek our merchandises to compare it to their usual java. * Threats * The other java trade names is popularly known by every persons that drinks java.