Last updated: February 24, 2019
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One of my main goals in life is to be successful. Becoming successful is a lot of hard work. There are a total of twelve grades needed to be completed in this lifetime, just to be able to gain acknowledgement and education of what will occur in life. Well I’ve made it to my junior year in high school and it’s been a rough road but I’m still pushing through. One of my major goals is to make it to college to start my career and have a successful future. The current high school that I’m attending is teachers preparatory. The deans, Ms.

Wilson, Mr. Otto and Mr. Gansrow allowed me to participate in this year college tour. Our bus trip to the first college is Binghamton University. All I can think about is this can turn into reality, that one day I would be taking this three hour bus ride to my first day of college. But when we arrived, I suddenly went into shock mode due to the abundance of land and space occupied for one section of this university. Entering the admissions office a junior at the university named Amanda Wison was our tour guidance for the day.

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One thing this college did that no other college did was take down our information so we can stay updated on how the university is doing. During this tour Ms. Wison showed us numerous areas for dining and socializing. I personally liked the idea of different types of foods because I’m a very picky eater. Another area she showed and explained to us was the libraries in the school, which are located on about every floor in every section of the university. I also personally like this because it not only supplies you with research and sources but it’s another area in the college to get away from noise and to concentrate.

Lastly the dorm rooms are amazing. I personally like the suite because it has more space , but the corridors set wasn’t bad it was just small but the best thing about them is that their bathrooms gets cleaned every day and the suites gets cleaned every three days. Binghamton university isn’t a bad college to go to, it’s highly diverse and it has high rankings statistically, but I need a college that’s small so that I can receive the attention I need to succeed in graduating. Another college that seems to provide that attention is Oneonta.

We arrived at Oneonta College and the first thing I see is SNOW!!! This tells me that the temperature up here is cooler then the temperature in Brooklyn. The appearance of the school seemed pretty quiet and small, which is an advantage towards Binghamton. When we entered a young man who has graduated from Oneonta and now works there explained to us about admissions, programs, and life on and around Oneonta College. Our tour guidance at Oneonta was a junior name Alexis who majored in education and biology so far in the school.

The first area she showed us was the diner area which was smaller than the lunch space in Binghamton but it was cozy and comfortable. Next were the classrooms which some can fit up to 300 students and some were made for smaller classes such as 17 students to 1 instructor. Classroom setups are similar to Binghamton but seeming that Binghamton has more space the classroom sizes may decrease. Oneonta’s majors are also similar to Binghamton, but this college seems to put more effort into education majors which is another advantage.

Lastly, Alexis showed us the dorm rooms which were very short in height but made up in length and width. The rooms were smaller and less spacious as the ones in Binghamton, but they were cozy and comfortable enough to live in. The classes seemed to be decent and the gym is free, the people of Oneonta were polite and respectful. Overall Oneonta seems like a good college to go to despite the size of the dorm rooms and the large classes this college is diverse and presents to be on top of its game statistically and academically wise. `The last college we visited on our tour was Albany University which my dean Mr.

Gansrow graduated from. When we arrived the college immediately was presented to be and old, huge school. Our tour guidance for the day was our school dean Mr. Gansrow. We first saw inside of the physical education part of the school. Inside was a track and field area mixed with basketball courts. Well without saying that area was huge. Next we saw the football, baseball, track and field area outside, where we ran into a coach who has been coaching there for about 13 years. The coach explained to us that life maybe hard but never to give up and to keep striving for the best in life.

He also explained to us that he didn’t have a great life growing up but yet he became successful not because he can coach and play sports because he took the time out to become educated. After the coach finished explaining to us the importance of college, Mr. Gansrow took us to the main area of the college. This area is where the social events mainly occur, such as eating, studying, socializing, charity events, programs and social groups the students participate in, also learning and teaching occurs in this area. I’m going to assume that the dorm rooms are spacious due to the description our dean and the students at the college gave us.

Albany doesn’t seem like a bad college at all even though they are currently labeled as one of the top party schools but other than that statistically, academically, and socially Albany is one of the top ten schools. On this college tour my deans stressed the importance of GPA, extra curriculums, and SAT’s to get accepted not only to these colleges but any college. They made me realized that I’m slacking and it’s time to bring myself up. This college tour made me think to myself that all of this is going to be happening to me in less than a year from now and all I can ask myself was, am I ready mentally, emotionally, physically?

Am I educated well enough to be on my own? Am I ready to face the real world? With that said, I have to start making drastic changes in my life starting now, I have to build up myself to a point that I cannot only handle college but handle more challenging moments that’s going to occur throughout my life. This college tour experience made me realize that life doesn’t end after high school, it made me realized that life is full of choices that can negatively affect me and positively affect me and it’s up to me to make the right decisions.