Last updated: April 21, 2019
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Comment on Proposal To Cap Medicaid Spending

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While the points raised by the Sen. Sheldon and John Rockefeller commands review of Carcieri’s proposal for a federal waiver to ascertain its legal validity, Judith Solomon’s premonitions seem to contain practical threats, if one values the responsibility of Medicaid to provide benefits to the eligible people, which may be hampered because of the waiver.

Further, the propositions placed in the proposal, too, look impractical, because there is no way one can estimate the possible spending on healthcare, and thus a fixed sanction of $12.4 for the period up to 2013 looks impractical and can easily destabilize the flow of various healthcare services like nursing home care, subsidized transportation for the elderly and beneficiaries with disabilities, health insurance for low-income children and parents, and prescription drug coverage for seniors. Thus to realize an impossible dream of saving $67 million, it would not at all be justified to curb the essential healthcare services for the deserving.



The Possible Solution to the Multiple Crises in Healthcare Sector


The gamut of the problems in health sector does not look like stemming out of any financial crunch and instead it is indicative of lack of right attitude and able leadership to motivate the people of healthcare sector. In short, it’s a management problem, and more so, it’s the end effect of the outgoing management philosophy – Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA)! The healthcare system is in fact failing to cope with the new, dynamic situation with the philosophy of SCA, where it needs to adopt the philosophy of Opportunity Creation and Exploitation (OCE), which is a dynamic philosophy and thus equipped to meet the current dynamism of the situation squarely.

The OCE recommends openness and flexibility, and sticking on to providing more service at less with a motivated mind. This process is in favor of creating an automated motivation among people in service to create opportunity of service and to exploit it. For the leadership issue, it gels well with the concept of Servant Leadership, a new avatar of Transformational Leadership model, where selfless service is the first and foremost principle.

This combination of management looks to be the possible solution for the multiple crises in health sector, as the problems are nothing but a ramified projection of the faulty management policy, where it is crying for the supply of resource instead of looking to create it, crying for proper manning, instead making people equipped and blaming the ancillary systems inadequacy instead of helping them to rise up to the standard. Thus, adoption of the appropriate management policy is the real solution for healthcare sector.