This proves in the latest Lucky me commercial that imbued Filipino close household relation.

Lucky Me is a trade name of noodles which became popular known for its Pancit Canton. Equally far as this trade name is concerned. it came up with a beautiful and animating commercial which intends non merely to pull people but most significantly. they want us to see the values they are seeking to portray. These values include household bonding and being happy together whatever happens. This commercial is genuinely an illustration of what the Filipino household truly is. It shows that as of today. Filipino households are still integral to each other.

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They still eat together in one dining tabular array even everyone has busy agendas.While eating. they portion narratives and experiences which make them laugh so difficult or even calls. All of these are clearly seen in this commercial. It merely proves that near household ties is still there and will remain everlastingly in our Black Marias. On the first scene of the commercial. the male parent.

female parent and the lone girl are eating together. At first. they seemed to be happy. throwing gags to each other but so. in merely a piece. the girl breaks the impulse.

She told her parents about gestation. The parents both got nervous about the issue particularly when the girl tells them “ Daddy. Mommy buntis po…… .

. ” The parents can’t say anything. They are shocked and speechless. They are anticipating that their girl is pregnant. But when the girl saw her parents’ reaction. she doesn’t cognize what to make.

if she’s traveling to express joy or shout.Finally. she reveals the truth. She said that her Best friend is the 1 who is pregnant.

The parents had adequate breath this clip and seemed so glad of what they heard. They told their girl that it’s bad to gull about even if it is a gag. In the terminal. they still laughed together. This commercial wants to state us that even when we grow old.

we should still value eating together because it is merely in this manner we can speak to each other particularly about serious affairs. Our parents every bit good as older brother and sister can assist us and give advice when there is a job. It makes everyone to be unfastened on what they feel and the most of import is it is one manner that may take them closer to one another and particularly. to God.