“Shooting an Elephant” is a short essay written by George Orwell. The occupation of the main character, also narrator, Orwell, is a subdivision police officer. He protects and serves a small town in Moulmein, Burma. He includes a great deal of details and facts throughout the essay.

I will attempt to analyze how tension between the facts and the artistic intention of the essayist relates to its success in communicating the workplace theme of the story. Tension between the facts and artistic intention of Orwell is brilliant. He includes many details about himself and the town he patrols.He does not like his job and feels the people he work around hates him. He describes the way people bait him, mistreat him and feels as if he is an easy target.

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The in depth descriptions successfully helps the reader to imagine what he, as an officer, is dealing with on a daily basis on his job. The meticulous descriptions of the people of the town also aides in communicating the attitudes and personalities throughout the town he is securing; therefore helping the reader to understand even though there are many cruel residents which whom do not respect him, he has to do his job.The town is rather boring and the people are fairly predictable. One day when an elephant tramples a man, the town becomes hungry for excitement and it is his duty is to find the elephant and bring justice. He does not want to shoot the elephant because he had never shot one before. Orwell uses a great deal of hyperboles, symbols, and metaphors; which makes the story very interesting and pleasant to read. The choose of words used in the hyperboles in different paragraphs gives the reader a visual image of the person or surrounding being discussed at the moment in time.

A phrase like “grey cowed faces” referring to long term convicts is an excellent example because it exaggerates the faces of the weary, confined prisoners. A phrase such as “the sea of yellow faces” referring to the crowd of people following him to see him shoot the elephant is a symbol because he is using the sea to symbolize the people. He expressed the internal conflict between his personal morals and his duty to his job through metaphors. By proving his dignity to the people presenting imperialism metaphorically through the use of animals, he is taking part in imperialism.Orwell’s choose of figurative language is combined with details and his opinions to express his conflicting views regarding imperialism. Tension between the facts and artistic intention communicated the workplace of the officer very well.

Denunciation and lack of respect is not often experienced from workers towards supervisors because of a position in a company. In the few incidents that this does occur supervisors must preserve their image of authority; therefore, they take action from being ridiculed by their workers.