Festival is an event that by and large staged by a local community. There is a batch of festival in the universe. There are many different festivals and besides there are many similar festivals in the universe. All of the state has different festival and they observe in different ways. There are many sorts of festival in the universe.

Historical festival, Social festival. Humanistic disciplines festival, New Year festival, cultural festival, movie festival. Music festival. Food festival, common people festival etc.2.

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Etymology of festivals: the word festival comes from English word fest, Gallic word festivals, Latin word festivals. After 1580 it was recoded as noun. Before it was used as adjectival. In this clip it the word feste come signifier Middle English, from in-between Gallic, from Latin.

3. States of pick: to compare and contest of festival I have chosen two states. Among these states there are many festival observed every twelvemonth. From these I have chosen two festivals to compare and contend.5.1 Caribana festival in Canada: Caribana festivals come from Caribbean civilization and history which is held in the summer across the metropolis of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Every twelvemonth 100s of 1000 visitants from around the universe the universe semen to the Toronto ‘s lakeside. It is the largest festival in the North America.

It takes topographic point about three hebdomads. In this clip at that place held a different sort of event return topographic point. Music gay, folk festive, and many others takes topographic point at that place in the festival.5.

2 History of caribana festival of Canada: caribana was yearly observed from 1967 in Toronto. It is a gift from West Indian community of canards. In the before old ages the chief festival events organised by a nonprofits administration of Toronto which name was Caribbean cultural commission ( CCC ) . It was set up by the Caribbean organizer life in Canada. In 2006 this inception autumn in fiscal crisis so they fail to set up this festival at the terminal Toronto authorities give fiscal assistance to run this festival from this it named Toronto Caribbean carnival ( caribana ) festival.5.3 Events of caribana festival of Canada: the festival start with a monolithic parade.

It took topographic point in the first weekend of August. In this clip a terpsichorean called “ mom participant ” along with unrecorded caribana music start from large talkers from 18 Wheeler trucks. Calypso Tents Music Series is one of the most attractive events. Story relation is favorite event of this map.

Art exhibition held in Royal Ontario museum on July 23 – August 15th. Hundred of plants shone at that place. Chiefly African-Canadian creative persons work.

Scotia bank Caribana Gala takes topographic point in autonomy Grand on July 23rd. an event of humanistic disciplines and festival. King and queen show is another of import event of the caribana festival. It held on July 29th in the Lamport Stadium. Another thrilling event is Pan Alive. In this event musical event are shown held on July 30t h. caribana nutrient festival is an exciting new event takes topographic point in the Ontario topographic point on August 1st.

There is another programme held in the Ontatia topographic point which is De Scotia bank caribana Lime where you can take nutrient, ticker dance and bask unrecorded music at the same clip.6.1 Poyela Boishak festival of Bangladesh: poyela boishak is the first twenty-four hours of Bangla calendar. This calendar is followed by the Bangladesh, Assam, west Bangla, and Tripura. This festival is celebrated 14 April of every twelvemonth.

Main festival held in Dhaka the capital metropolis of Bangladesh. About one million people attend this programme. In this twenty-four hours all phase of people attend this festival. In this twenty-four hours Dhaka become festival expressions. All roads become colorful. Peoples were colorful frocks in these yearss. Assorted types of placates, streamers, festoon and many sort of colorful toron are displayed.

Government declare vacation in this twenty-four hours. In this twenty-four hours different cultural programme are arranged. A batch of emanations are acquiring out in this twenty-four hours. In this twenty-four hours a batch of just arranged across the state.6.

2 History of poyela boishak: Hindu Vedic solar calendar is about to the Bangla calendar. The Bangla twelvemonth commences in mid-April of the Gregorian twelvemonth. At clip of moghals period calendar are count for crop with hijri twelvemonth.

But husbandman can non number this clip. That ‘s why Emperor Akbar ordered to reform the calendar. After this order the celebrated uranologist Fatehullah Shirazi reformed the Bangla New Year based on Hijri & A ; Hindu solar calendars. This New Year ( fasli san ) that ‘s average agricultural twelvemonth foremost present in the 10/11 March on 1584.

In this clip landlords are arranged different sorts of just to observe this twenty-four hours. In this twenty-four hours Bangali bargainers unfastened new history book called “ halkhata ” in this twenty-four hours bargainers finish all due with his clients and give them exceptional Sweet.


6.3 Celebration of poyela boishak: This twenty-four hours are observing two ways in the state. One in rural country and another is metropoliss country.

In rural country people were new fabrics and they keep their place cyberspace and clean. In the metropoliss people celebrate this twenty-four hours difference manner from rural country. In the metropoliss people observed this twenty-four hours by luxuriant programme, Particularly in Dhaka. Assorted sorts of agricultural merchandises, cosmetics, playthings, traditional nutrient are sold in the boshakhi carnival.

This just provides amusement, by presenting jatra ( traditional dramas ) , jari gan, saree gan, murshidi vocal, bual, arfoti vocal. Many phase play are shone in this twenty-four hours particularly Yusuf-Zulekha & A ; Radhe- kisno.Events, kite winging in the Dhaka, in the small town games are corridas, winging pigeons, boat racing. In the metropoliss people get up in the forenoon and ware exceptional fabrics, immature adult females were white saree with read border, ful ( flowers ) of their caput and, Man were Panjabi ( shirt ) and lungi ( long skirt ) . In the forenoon Cities people eat pant-bath ( rich with H2O ) with fried hilsha fish. A batch of people gather under the banyan tree at Ramna Park.

In this topographic point celebrated vocal a¦?a¦?a§‹ , a¦?a§‡ a¦¬a§?a¦¶a¦?a¦- , a¦?a¦?a§‹ a¦?a¦?a§‹ ( come, o boishakh, come, come ) sing to welcoming New Year. Social cultural organisation take out emanation and parade around the town, university of Dhaka besides take out another emanation into the campus, intelligence paper give out exceptional add-on, wireless, telecasting broadcast live this map.


7. Significance: now I will depict about the significance of these festival.7.

1 Significance of caribana festival of Canada: caribana is great festival for the Canada, by this festival Toronto acquire exceptional definition because a batch of people around the universe semen to go to this festival that ‘s why it become familiar to all over the universe. This festival is held non merely Toronto but besides Ontario, state, caribana, festival are besides celebrate in the America. Immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago introduced this caribana festival. Now it is the 3rd biggest Caribbean festival in the universe.7.2 Significance of poyela boishak: poyela boishak is now recognized as multicultural because many people around the universe attend this programme.

In this twenty-four hours all Bengali around the universe together celebrated this programme that ‘s why it become celebrated in the subcontinent, in the subcontinent about 30 nucleus people speak in Bengali so poyela boishak is ever a theoretical account festival for these immense sum of people.8. Decision: festival is ever of import for every state, It familiar one states civilization and tradition to the universes.

In the festival people get diversion, there are different types of festival in Canada and Bangladesh. And there is besides difference observing ways but both states enjoy this festival with great gay expression.