There are a batch of inns in Sydney which are attracted because of its monetary value and installations. However. there are merely three inns that are suited with postgraduate pupils. viz.

Maze Backpackers. Central Station Hotel and Nomads Westend Backpackers. This study will compare and contrast them with respect to location. monetary value and installations.

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First. the location is contrasted between all these inns. Cardinal Station Hotel has the best location.It is close Central Station which is easy accessible by train. cab and coach.

While Maze Backpackers is in 417 Pitt Street and is located 5 proceedingss walking from this inn to Central Station. Nomads Westend Backpackers is following to Central Station and its reference is 412 Pitt Street. Second. the monetary value is the most of import characteristic is considered among three inns and the monetary value of suites for each inns is wholly different.Cardinal Station Hotel has merely private suites while Maze Backpackers and Nomads Westend Backpackers have shared suites and private suites. The cost of shared room with 4 beds in Maze Backpackers is $ 20. 58 whereas the cost of shared room whit 4 beds in Nomad Westend Backpackers is $ 23. 07 so it’s more expensive than Maze Backpackers’s.

The private room in Cardinal Station Hotel is the most expensive. It cost $ 38. 68 whereas a private room at Maze Backpackers and Nomads Westend Backpackers cost $ 17. 4 and $ 20.

94 severally.Finally. there are some similarities and differences in their installations. All of them have the Internet/Wifi. 24 hr response ; rinsing machines.

safety sedimentation and recognition card accepted but Maze Backpackers and Nomad Westend Backpackers are more convenient than Cardinal Station Hotel because they have lounge country. However. Cardinal Station is suited with postgraduate pupils who need to utilize photocopying machines.