Comparing Starbucks and Tim Hortons Momchil Aleksandrov – IB1F – 3324591  Caffeine is taking over the world without anyone noticing. Coffee addicts are growing in numbers and these two direct competitors are trying their best to give them that they need – the American Starbucks and the Canadian Tim Hortons. In this essay these seemingly similar restaurants will be compared and contrasted regarding their coffee offering, food selections and design.Coffee is the drink of choice of any part of the day whether it is morning, lunch or evening.

Both companies offer a big variety of coffee options, Starbucks focusing on the more exclusive and fancy types of coffee for a higher price, compared to Tim Hortons with their cheaper prices, but not that special varieties of coffee. Buying and drinking Starbucks coffee gives the unique feeling of importance to the person, mostly because famous persons really enjoy it. With the marketing strategy of the company that is noticed and drinking the same coffee that they drink gives that premium feeling. The quality of the coffee offered by both of the names is on an equal level and the major difference is the price of it.Most of the time people what a snack with their favorite beverage, or a full meal in some occasions. Both companies can offer a snack to their customers, but Tim Hortons has a bigger food menu than Starbucks. They are offering sandwiches, soups, doughnuts, muffins and a product of their own called “The Timbit”, which is a bite-sized fried doughnut.

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In contrast of that Starbucks offers pastries, loafs and cookies. Food prices at Tim Hortons are much lower than those in Starbucks again but that doesn’t mean that the quality and food standard is lower too. Tim Hortons is popular with their fresh food and coffee beans. Both restaurants have different ideas how they have to look inside and what is their focus when it comes to the customers.

Of course, people go there to drink coffee, but Starbucks focuses more on the good interior design in every one of their restaurants. They strive to offer a relaxing and calming environment for the customers, paying more attention to detail in how their furniture is positioned. They even take into account the smell in the restaurants leaving the coffee bean bags open. On the other hand, Tim Hortons focuses strictly onto the customer relationships and fastest service as possible. They build a family-like connection with their loyal customers giving that warm feeling like home when you enter one of Tim Horton’s restaurants.

The employees are always friendly and joking with the customers with a big smile on their face. As you can see both companies have different goals with the customers and both execute on them perfectly.To conclude, Starbucks and Tim Hortons are both coffee companies which look similar when you see them on the streets but when you get to know them and become a part of their “family” as in Tim Hortons’ or just a loyal customer of Starbucks you can see that they are completely different restaurants with different goals and vision.