My universe and Ray Bradbury’s universe has some similarities and some differences. Both of our universes have characters that agree with the negative consequence of engineering and the positive consequence of it. To me I would hold with the positive consequence of engineering because without it people wont be the same as today.

Have you of all time thought of life without an iPod. laptop. cell phone. auto. or a Television? Just take a 2nd and imagine. Well.

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I can’t and I ne’er could conceive of that because of all time since I was immature. my whole life was based on engineering. To me. engineering is everything and without it I would experience lost.

bored. and confused. Manny people would believe that engineering is the ground why were populating. this is because its impact on everything we do. Like pass oning.

transporting. and being happy. However Technology is of import because it is quickly altering the manner people are populating.When I was in 5th class my first electronic device that I used was a T-Mobile phone that my pa got me. I was so aroused about. that I use to keep it in my manus 24/7 merely to demo off with it like I’m keeping an iPhone.

The phone was reasonably. it was pink and it had some flowers on it. I use to ever text my lone one friend that I had on my phone.

until my pa took it back from me and repent giving it to me. because I wasn’t ready for it. I was sad at that clip. but so I realized that it’s non worth it. Staying up all dark speaking to your friend when she goes to the same school. now that’s merely stupid.

Subsequently in the old ages I became more mature. and I got to research on more material about engineering that would merely blow my head off. An IPod touch came to my head I felt like this is the most singular thing that have of all time been invented. I told my pa that I wanted it and so he got it for me as a graduation nowadays from simple. I was so happy about it. that all I could retrieve is that I download 2 1000 vocals as if I was traveling to listen to all of them.

And I noticed that I wasted my clip making that. merely for merriment when I don’t even like listening to music that much.Presently my pa got me a Toshiba laptop. of class I loved it and at that clip and I was so aroused about it. But so when I got into school we started utilizing Macbook. and I realized that its so much better so mine. So I started detesting the 1 that I was utilizing presently. and I begin to dislike everything approximately such as the word papers and so on.

And that’s because I wanted the better and newer one. I mean look at how fast engineering can acquire. it changed my head position of my new laptop that I merely got to a newer 1 that I used in school for a twosome of yearss.These yearss. engineering is taking over us with out us cognizing. Technology has influenced us in so many ways. we now think that the Internet is our first precedence and we stopped passing clip with our household like we use to make in the good ol’ yearss.

I found that sad even though I do it myself with out cognizing. The Internet is acquiring better. but worse at the same clip. me. myself. and I try to take the good things from it and merely disregard the other material.When I finished reading Fahrenheit 451. I noticed that there were many similarities and differences between my universe and their universe.

The chief idea that stood out for me was that my community in this universe like to cognize about things but in Fahrenheit 451. they don’t truly care about socialising or cognizing material. I besides found that in my universe people love engineering 99 % of them tilt even live with out it including me. But what I’m seeking to state here is that in Fahrenheit 451 they all have negative consequence about engineering.One of the differences in my universe is that when you go anyplace you would happen books. In my universe books are used to research a undertaking.

or to larn about life and so much more other material. Although I think these yearss non many use them every bit much as they use the Internet to happen out material. But speaking about Fahrenheit 451 they are non allowed having a book.When there is concealed signifiers of information. sentiment. or sense of understanding. that makes the society becomes unsuccessful. which show the necessity of books.

Without the steady current of Information that books offers. the universe of Fahrenheit will make failing in society. Peoples. in the novel. are left non cognizing what true felicity because of the empty cognition.

Second ground that is similar in my universe is the Parlor wall. In the novel. Mildred has a household on the telecasting. which he uses to replace his ain household with media. since it offers more felicity and less investing of her clip.

which is quicker than in existent life. This wall is a level screen sort of looking thing that would acquire people together for hours and do them pass on with each other even though they don’t know each other. This is the same in our universe ; Because people now a yearss would merely disregard sitting with household. enchantress is the most of import thing in life.

and they would merely make at that place ain merriment people that they would speak to 24/7 alternatively of puting with there household.Over all. you can see that our universe and Fahrenheit 451 universe is like entire difference.

And in my point of position I think our universe is so much better. Technology in my universe has a better usage. we some use really work with it. but the other half would really merely utilize it for amusement merely like what they do in Fahrenheit 451.In decision.

I would state that engineering has a immense impact in anyone’s life. It is portion of who we are today. Facebook. MySpace.

Skype. Twitter is now necessity to the universe. Our universe is turning bigger and smarter. We now have everything that you have ne’er thought of when you were immature. And that is where it all comes from “Technology” .