Travel programs are frequently viewed on our televisions.

Many of them can be fairly similar in form, purpose, audience, language and context, but they also have an individual style to make them different from other travel programs. ‘Getaway’ and ‘Pilot Guides’ are two travel programs which have been studied in class. The context of the two travel programs involves the fact that ‘Pilot Guides’ is a British travel program screened in the United Kingdom, whereas ‘Getaway’ is an Australian travel program screened locally.The episode of ‘Getaway’ features four segments and ‘Catriona Roundtree’ is in two of them herself, her main role is to open in finish the show, because she is the main presenter, co-presenters include Ben Dark who presents the Greek Islands and David Reyne who is the host of Noumea. There is an obvious difference in ‘Pilot Guides’ though considering it only has one presenter the whole way through the program.The form of the two travel programs includes the way Ian Wright (the presenter in ‘Pilot Guides’) speaks he has a noticeable British tone of voice in compared with the presenters in ‘Getaway’ (Australian program).

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In the opening of ‘Getaway’ Catriona introduces herself by speaking and also has her name screened as she welcomes the viewers to the program. Pilot Guides’, on the other hand, has a very different introduction considering it starts off with the presenter riding a motor scooter who did not introduce himself or have his name screened, but instead he just got straight on with the program; this was not the only case when a presenter did not introduce themselves because, similarly none of the co-presenters in any of the segments introduced themselves either and many of them just got straight on with the show also riding motor scooters, some of them are even riding motor scooters at the start of their segments.Both travel programs focused on island destinations and there were no internal shots in places like the inside of a studio or anything similar in either travel programs. Destination overviews and history is told for all segments in the beginning and during each segment. Maps are used frequently as sometimes there is a voice over to go along and explain things at the same time as the map is displayed, or a flashing marker to mark the destination.

Unlike ‘Getaway’ there are not any segments in ‘Pilot Guides’, however a common features is how both of the programs went for approximately the same duration as one-another.There are a similar number of segments shown in both program, there is only a selection of islands featured the presenter in ‘Pilot Guides’ because, the presenter does say though “there are over 30 islands here, I’m visiting just a handful”, in ‘Getaway’ ‘Catriona’ just uses a map to show the places that will be viewed. Presenters in both travel programs get involved with locals, their activities and also chat while learning some things about the place as they go along.

The language used at some parts during the travel programs is quite noticeable.At a stage during ‘Pilot Guides’ the presenter speaks fairly softly when he does not want the people around him to hear his thoughts about their drink because, it is made up of bark and he tells the viewers it tastes like sand, and when speaks softly it makes it hard to understand what he is saying, but in ‘Getaway’ all of the presenters are much more formal and speak much more clearly. However in ‘Getaway’ each and every presenter was fairly loud and clear and it was much easier to understand them when compared with ‘Pilot Guides’.In some segments the presenters choose to greet people in the local language, for example when Ben Dark in the Greek Islands is successful when he says “hello” in Greek. The purpose of the two travel programs is to promote travel destinations, local activities, events, expenses and more.

A common feature is that both travel programs had their focus on island destinations. They are designed to get viewers to become interested in what is shown to them and go to a destination/s being promoted within the programs.The two travel programs are targeted at an audience who would be likely to spend their money and go to a destination/s. Presenters themselves say that many of the destinations shown are very good for ‘honeymooners’. In ‘Getaway’, Catriona Catriona asks a couple who had come to one of the destinations what they think and they said it is definitely a place for couples, but definitely not for single people, warning them to bring someone with them if they were to come. There are very many similarities in both of the travel programs and both of them were good at promoting the travel destinations.