After viewing the multi-media presentation, “The Culturally Competent Organization”, examine the case study titled, Heritage Valley Medical Center: Are Your Managers Culturally Competent? On pages 429-432 of the textbook.

Then answer the following questions. The Heritage Valley Medical Center managers are in fact competent because, they have a clear openness and respect for diverse staff and clients. Over the years the organization has had a perfect reputation for providing services to all culturally diverse patients. This Medical Center has shared values and has showed respect for all patients and their families.Moreover, with all the controversial complaints on the Heritage Valley Medical Center; five years does not reflect on the 20 years of outstanding performance that the Organization has maintained.

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(Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007) How have the changing definitions of diversity affected healthcare management and the delivery of healthcare services in this organization? The first diversity change in management was obvious with this organization because, the executive management team was 100% Caucasian, with one female. The majority of the support and administrative staff (secretaries, human resource technicians, nurse aides) were African American.In some of the support areas, the staff was 100% African American. Also, the clinical and support staff was like family, since the majority of them had worked at Heritage for over 15 years, and shared similar values and principles about valuing every patient and treating each patient with respect. The overall delivery of healthcare services was very satisfying to the patients and the clients.

(Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007) What does this situation say about Heritage Valley Medical Center’s organizational culture and organizational competency, if anything?The organization is culturally competent -because, this organization accepts and respects differences among and within different groups; continually assess their policies and practices regarding culture and expand cultural knowledge and resources; and adapt service models in order to better meet the needs of different racial and/ or ethnic groups. (Buchbinder ; Shanks, 2007) If you were Ms. Harper, how would you handle this and what information would you present to the executive team, including measures and steps to change the attitudes and opinions presented?The problem that The Heritage Valley Medical Center was said to be having was that the occupancy rates were down to 40% given that many of their traditional, more affluent, private-pay patients had moved out into the suburb to escape the urban sprawl that comes with development. Medicaid reimbursements increased, making it comparable to those of managed care organizations; making the population which is, diverse to gradually change. To handle or improve the situation the first steps and measures that need to be followed are to Discuss any challenges you have had working with: * Providers/Staff of culturally diverse backgrounds Patients/Families of culturally diverse backgrounds * Describe any cross-cultural success stories and why they occurred: * Clinical practice-based (involving patients, providers, natural helpers, and/or complementary/alternative medicine healers) * Health care organization-based (involving patients, providers, administrative personnel, and/or executives Last, the only information that needs to be presented to the executive team is to describe policies and procedures that have developed and strategies and resources that have been used in serving culturally diverse populations in an effective manner. http://erc. msh. org/mainpage.

cfm? file=9. 1b. htm;module=provider;language=English;4/27/11)ReferencesBuchbinder, S. B. ; Shanks, N. H. (2007).

Introduction to health care management. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. “The Culturally competent organizations. ” The providers Guide to Quality and Culture. 2011 (http://erc.

msh. org/mainpage. cfm? file=9. 1b. htm;module=provider;language=English;4/27/11)