ConclusionOverall, theimpact of getting a far better client expertise for John Lewis has beenmonumental. There are 2 alternative factors to the present that area unitextremely important: Firstly, John Lewis incorporates a ‘Never wittinglyUndersold Policy’ in shops therefore it’s forever been terriblyprice-competitive.Secondly, thefactor that sets John Lewis apart has forever been the additional things itwill – the method it’s once customers, the method it responds to complaints,the method it goes out of its method, the method it goes the additional mile toform certain that it deals with any problems a client has – which is what makesit a significant discriminator from alternative retailers.As well as beingcompetitive on worth, quite the other merchandiser John Lewis trades a massivequantity on its name of being associate organization which will forever confirmthe result for the client is that the absolute best one.Recommendations on the company’s potentialresponse to problems and enhancing the customer’s experience: Various researchand case studies on John Lewis’s responding strategies to customers’ issues andtheir experience in customer journey have been studied by many companies.

Onthe whole it is said that the company’s strategies are good and does require avariant product list apart from the list that they have worked on. It is alsosuggested that the company has been doing well in the field in spite of some ofthe setbacks they had. The annual researchstudy on the customer experience of various companies in UK by KPMG Nunwood2017 shows that the ever leading John Lewis has stepped down the ladder to thefourth position after its new finance venture in the recent times. John LewisFinance has reached the second place as per the report.  (Tesseras, 2017) A case study by BCS (Brilliant customer service)on John Lewis in 2010 suggests that the company’s commitment towards customerservice, product cost, profit margin suppliers prices, are all to its best.

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Italso suggests that the company’s product quality, offers, delivery are allconsistently good and are the attributes that helps the company to survive inthe industry. (, 2010)