1.1. Aim of Construction Environmental Management Plan

The intent of the current building environmental direction program ( CEMP ) is to:

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  • Identify stakeholder demands.
  • Set out the building environmental direction system demands ( in line with ISO 14001 ) .
  • Ensure conformity with current statute law.
  • Efficaciously understate any possible inauspicious environmental effects during building including how site specific method statements will be developed to avoid, minimise and extenuate building effects on the environment.
  • Transform committed extenuation, set out in the CEMP, into committed site process.


2. Execution and Care

1.3. Environmental Review

The current CEMP will turn to demands related to a scope of environmental facets, including among others:Air quality, stipulating steps to understate dust coevals from building site and to command FOD jeopardies to aircrafts.

  • Bird control, how the impact of plants with respects to pulling birds will be mitigated.
  • Geology and dirts, stipulating pollution bar steps to understate the hazard of land taint and sketch an unexpected contaminated land process for covering with any possible contaminated land on site.

  • Landscape and townscape, to include steps to keep a tidy and minimum site building country.
  • Materials. Define storage protocols for stockpiled stuffs to forestall dust coevals and specify appropriate pollution bar steps. A storage process for fuels and potentially risky substances during building should be included.
  • Noise and quiver. Implement extenuation steps for noise and quiver in conformity with BS5228. Minimization of noise intensive activities at dark clip.

  • Travel and traffic. Outline traffic control measures, specify likely vehicle Numberss and action to minimise Numberss, define most appropriate traffic paths.
  • Water environment. Specify pollution bar steps, location of spill kits on site, policy to guarantee surface H2O drainage system is non damaged or polluted during building plants.

  • Environmental preparation in building
  • Environmental Management
  • Hazard Appraisals
  • Detailss of phasing, works to be used and logistics
  • Construction activities and methodological analysis, sing operations that might ensue in oppositive environmental impacts, along with sound extenuation steps
  • the proposed extenuation measures sing building operations, that are likely to ensue in perturbation and / or necessitating working outside nucleus working hours, together with an indicant of the expected continuance and cardinal day of the months.
  • Environmental monitoring for air quality, noise and quiver cardinal indexs on site and existent clip
  • A model for conformity with the statute law which is relevant to airport building
  • Designation of prohibited or restricted undertakings
  • Statement of mark bounds for environmental indexs and steps to forestall transcending them.
  • Requirement for monitoring and recording, including:
  • The process for covering with 3rd party ailments
  • Reporting public affair, earlier presentment etc.
  • Possible outreaches from mark standards and particulars of how impacts will be minimised and possible ailments handled.
  • Proposed paths for heavy goods vehicles traveling to and from the site, and inside informations of all building works affecting intervention with public infinites / roads, including impermanent carriageway / pathway closings, realignments and recreations.

1.4. Stakeholders, Key Contacts,

Name Address Telephone/Electronic mail
Contract Manager
Contract Administrator
Site Manager
Site Foreman
EnvironmentalConformity Officer
Health and Safety Officer
Consulting Engineers
Key Duties
Contract Manager
Contract Administrator
Site Manager
Site Foreman
EnvironmentalConformity Officer
Health and Safety Officer
Consulting Engineers


5. Methodology

1.5.a. Environmental Management System


b. Contractual Requirements

  1. Interserve is dedicated to outdo pattern criterions of building to guarantee safe and unafraid executing of the undertaking doing the lower limit possible environmental impact.
  2. We will closely supervise the public presentation of all subcontractors, including their conformity with the CEMP. Additionally we will demand the application of the demands and the committednesss of the CEMP by any subcontractor from the beginning of our coaction.
  3. All forces accessing the site will have site initiation including relevant environmental information. Environmental developing appropriate to each function will be provided to the staff. Depending on the degree of impact and activity hazard on the environment of subcontractors, they will have appropriate environmental preparation.

1.5.c. Other Environmental Controls


d. Conveyance


Waste Management

1.5.f. Local Community Liaison


5.g. Considerate Constructors Scheme


5.h. Overall Approach

1.5.i. Structure of the CEMP


6. Mentions

2. Undertaking Description

2.1. 2


1.a. 3

2.1.a. ( I ) 4


Planning Phase

4. Pre-Site Constitution Phase

4.1. Akrotiri Weather Data

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