There is no inquiry about chest milk being the best start a babe can hold in life. It is firmly believes that breastfeeding is the best manner to feed a babe and is strongly committed to its protection and publicity. Get downing at about 6 months of age. the period of ablactation is critical for the hereafter development and growing of babies.

The debut of appropriate and alimentary complementary nutrient from this age is highly of import.Infant expression milk is a manufactured nutrient designed and marketed for feeding to babes and babies less than 12 months of age. normally prepared for bottle-feeding or cup-feeding from pulverization ( assorted with H2O ) as a replacement to breast eating.

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Companies that industry baby expression used different schemes in order to market their merchandise one of them is merchandise positioning. Merchandise placement is an of import portion of a merchandise selling scheme. It helps purchasers and users understand where a merchandise ‘fits’ in footings what it offers.

and how it compares with viing merchandises.Merchandise placement is an of import component of a selling program. Product placement is the procedure sellers use to find how to outdo pass on their products’ attributes to their mark clients based on client demands. competitory force per unit areas. available communicating channels and carefully crafted cardinal messages.

Effective merchandise placement ensures that marketing messages resonate with mark consumers and oblige them to take action. Merchandise placement and consumer purchasing behaviour must be studied in order to turn out the perceptual experience of consumer in buying infant expression. Statement of the Problem.This survey aimed to find the Product Positioning of Infants’ Formula Milk in selected Drugstores in Bacoor City. 1.

What are the socio- economic features of the consumers who are buying infants’ expression? 2. What are trade names of infants’ formula consumer bargains? 3. Which drugstore consumer purchased the infants’ expression milk? 4. How do apothecary’s shops place their infants’ expression milk merchandise? 5. What are the purchasing properties of consumer? Aims: This nucleus aim of the survey is to place the merchandise placement of infants’ expression in selected apothecary’s shops in Bacoor City.This survey aimed to: 1.

describe the socio-economic feature of consumers who are buying infants’ expression milk. 2. identify the trade name of infants’ expression consumer bargain. 3. identify the apothecary’s shop in which consumer purchases the infants’ expression milk. 4. determine on how apothecary’s shops place their infants’ expression milk.

5. determine the purchasing properties of consumer. Importance of the Survey: The findings of the survey would make a deeper apprehension about the merchandise placement of infants’ expression. It will be good to the followers: Buyer.This survey would function as a usher to purchasers in doing the right in taking appropriate infants’ expression. Distributors.

This survey will function as a usher to distributor to place the properties that purchaser consider in buying infants’ expression milk. so that they can place their merchandise efficaciously. Retailer. This survey will function as a usher to retailer to cognize what is the most preferable trade name of infants’ expression milk purchaser purchases so that they will cognize which trade name of infants’ expression milk they will sell. Future Researcher.

The research worker could derive penetrations in merchandise placement of infants’ expression milk. The information from this survey can steer those who are interested to carry on the same survey. Operational Defintion of Footings: In order for the reader to understand the survey. the undermentioned footings are herewith defined operationally as they will be used in the survey: Buyer. They are the persons who purchase infants’ expression milk. Drugstore.

It is a retailing shop that offers infants’ expression milk. Socio- Economic Characteristics.This are composed of age. gender.

civil position. monthly income. employment position and educational attainment of consumers who are purchasing infants’ expression milk.

Merchandise Positioning. It involves making a unique. consistent. and recognized client perceptual experience about a firm’s offering and image. A merchandise or service may be positioned on the footing of an attitude or benefit. usage or application. user. category.

monetary value. or degree of quality. It targets a merchandise for specific market sections and merchandise demands at specific monetary values.