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Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management

In the fastest changing universe where the competition become high among concerns there no 1 can deny the importance of strategic direction which engross the devising and execution of ends and the stairss taken by top direction of the company on the behalf of their proprietors. It is wholly based on the contemplation of the available resources and it besides helps to measure the external and internal environment which helps the organisation to vie with others. There are five competitory forces which can act upon the organisation and can give competition ; those five factors can be the bargaining power of providers and clients, menace of new entrants in the market, and menaces of handiness of replacements in the market.

All these factors can give tough competition to the organisation. And to undertake this sort of state of affairs an organisation needs to hold a strong strategic direction because it helps to place the job every bit good as provides way to the organisation and helps the organisation to be specific towards their ends. It helps the organisation in developing the policies which can give counsel to the organisation what they have to make to vie with their rivals ( Daghfous et, al 2009 ) . Organization can besides be after designs with the aid of strategic direction to achieve their aims and besides helps the organisation in apportioning the resources within the limited clip and besides helps the organisation to implement the programs. In short strategic direction ease the organisation to cover with internal environment and external environment which includes providers, clients, rivals etc.

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Globalization plays a critical function in dispatching the boundary lines among many states, and turned the whole universe into a small town. But the inquiry is has the globalisation is profiting the states in the economic stableness? Has the globalisation influenced the UAE economic system positively or negatively? Answer to this inquiry can be acquiring by detecting the growing and development of the UAE’s economic system. The globalisation has turned the UAE into the most development states in many Fieldss particularly economically. No 1 can deny the of import function of globalisation and its consequence on the UAE’s economic system ( Wilkins 2010 ) . It has affected positively affect the UAE policy because it helped the state to increase their abroad or foreign investing and besides encouraged to advance the free trade between UAE and the other states of the universe.

There was a study conducted in UAE in the twelvemonth 2005, harmonizing to that study the flow of foreign direct investing in UAE achieved the record was about 10 US $ billion near to 34 % of entire flow of foreign capital in the Arab universe. And this happened because UAE is politically established, and they maintains rights of working for business communities and enterprisers, these working rights allows them to sale, do the concern and rent effortlessly without authorities intercession and revenue enhancements enforcing on their merchandises, services and grosss. They have issued licences to the foreign house subdivisions and the rates of publishing licences to foreign houses are increasing annually. Many foreign got this concern licence.

Foreign states that got concern licences include UK, India and America. In the position of fact that the universe has turned into a little small town because of globalisation, it makes simple to other states of the universe to cognize approximately and acquire the information about the economic conditions and virtues that UAE grants for foreign business communities. Because of foreign investing there is a noteworthy addition in the UAE economy’s capital stock ( Rettab, et, Al, 2009 ) . The high capital stock enabled UAE to hold tools and constructions to bring forth. Consequently productiveness has increased extensively, and in consequence the growing of the economic system of UAE and the populating criterion of the people has besides increased.

Globalization has besides encouraged the domestic investing of the UAE. In planetary capital markets UAE has a critical function with many investing establishments, such as Dubai port, Abu Dhabi investing council, Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment carbon monoxide. The immense addition in the domestic investing of UAE is because the globalisation has permitted UAE to cover and make concerns with other developed states such as UK and USA and besides helps UAE to larn that shortcuts to the fastest growing rate are nest eggs and more investing ( Wilkins, 2010 ) . There is a argument for some people that more investings and nest eggs can do the handiness of resources for the ingestion goods production. Though it can be stated that today’s investings and nest eggs will assist to increase the production in the hereafter and UAE can bask populating standard in future. In the last investing can be define as the way towards the hereafters which will be bright.

UAE is the worlds’ preferred trade hub. Harmonizing to Bank Doing Business Report ranking the UAE is on the 5Thursdaytopographic point for the trading across boundary lines or universes broad. And it is really of import for the growing of international trade. Making concern is an of import economic system activity for UAE which no 1 can vie in globalized economic system and consequences in addition of the exports worldwide ( Al-Fawaz, et, Al, 2009 ) . UAE is taking benefit from its competitory advantage as they are merchandising and bettering the competence of trade processs. It has an online and independent trade web which is highly booming in measuring trade of goods every bit good as services. Their purpose is to do trade faster, low cost or cost effectual and easier for the foreign business communities every bit good as domestic business communities to better the concern procedure with the aid of advanced engineering. In UAE due to globalization the development of planetary trade has improved in last few old ages. This helped UAE in bettering their substructure and besides helped them to increase their GDP ( Hvidt 2009 ) . Trade has become of import portion for any country’s economic system growing and development. They need to merchandise across boundary lines to merchandise internationally but many states are holding political instability which is a large hinderance in the manner of economical growing because foreign states will non let their states to merchandise with those states that are politically instable. Another competitory advantage of UAE trade is that they have low trade barriers because of their political stableness and the universe prefers UAE for trading and concern.


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