The term “Core competence” was first put frontward in the 1990. In the book The Core Competence of the Corporation. collaborated on by celebrated direction experts C. K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel.

It points out. “Core competency is optimized cognition and accomplishments inside some organisation. particularly sing how to set diverse fabrication accomplishments and optimise different engineerings and accomplishments. ” In their position. nucleus competency foremost of all should supply the endeavors with the possible to come in different markets. Second.

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nucleus competency contributes mostly to the value of clients of the ultimate merchandises. At last. we should cognize. enterprises’ nucleus competency should be something that can’t be duplicated and imitated by their challengers. Merely as Zhang Ruimin. president of Haier Group said. “Novelty is the existent nucleus competency for Haier.

which is no manner hard to be imitated by our challengers. ” Besides the above features. nucleus competency owns other characteristics. First. nucleus competency is the ability to roll up.

In most instances. it is a aggregation of different abilities in groups. Few endeavors survive merely for their dominant individual ability. Core competency is an optimized and incorporate cognition and accomplishments which are developed by the module in different sections through their uninterrupted acquisition. geting cognition. sharing cognition and using cognition.

This is besides the ground it is non easy to copy some enterprise’s nucleus competency. Single things could be duplicated but the complex are harder to copy. It is impossible to copy the nucleus competency optimising system and comparative milieus. allow entirely that nucleus competency is unseeable and untouchable. which merely could be shown by the nucleus merchandises by manner of its bearer. So there is no manner ( unseeable and untouchable ) or hard ( dearly-won disbursals ) to buy.

As the struggles of competition in the market addition in China. the competition between endeavors lies largely in the competition of nucleus competency. 1. Analysis on our Enterprises’Core CompetenceWe could state that nucleus competency to China is a new job every bit good as an old one. It is old for one time endeavors enter the market. and want to last the market.

ownership of nucleus competency is a necessity ; it is new for most of China’s endeavors to develop themselves off from the antique system. and bit by bit strengthen themselves in the immature market economic system.