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Globalization is since the twentieth century of 80s, progressively outstanding in the universe a new phenomenon and that is the basic characteristic of the present epoch, . Globalization is our one of the most current subject of treatment, whether you are willing or non, it will impact you on your day-to-day life or you professional plants. Under the influence of globalisation, we will happen the universe is truly acquiring smaller, people ‘s information, economic system, and cultural facets are traveling toward globalisation. Can we non hold to trail it and portions with the crowd in it? It has brought us excessively much influence, which of class is has its good and bad facets in it, we can non follow or double, it must hold its ain features, particularly in the design, should maintain in their original civilization and happening a end to travel frontward to.

2. Analysis

2.1 The globalisation effects in the civilization

Globalization is an nonsubjective development of human civilisation procedure is the consequence of development of human society and civilisation development consequences, the procedure of globalisation has greatly driven the development of planetary societal productive forces, promoted the advancement of human civilisation. Peoples need to quiet down and believe about the procedure of globalisation on human civilisation that is positive and negative effects originating. Strength of Western civilisation led globalisation, many developing states and parts to bask the civilisation of Western scientific discipline and engineering while faced with the loss of the local cultural features, every bit good as the hazard of national civilization.

In add-on to the positive effects of globalisation, beyond the more negative effects can non be ignored, particularly on the impact of Asiatic civilization, particularly the impact on China even can non be ignored. Globalization has accelerated China ‘s economic development, but in this behind the development of the jobs are apparent, for illustration, the rapid development of rural countries have become urbanised, traditional architecture and civilization under the influence of globalisation because they have been really good protection has been extended harm. A batch of traditional architecture has non been repaired due to no longer exists, those traditional cultural festival of the alone is a good illustration, in China there are many cultural festivals, with the engagement of Western civilization, festivals, more and more and more Chinese people prefer a Western vacations, such as Christmas, Valentine ‘s Day, while the traditional Chinese festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc. are progressively being left out, less and less gay ambiance, if it continues this manner is bound to allow travel of traditional civilization, it will be disappeared.

Different Cultural in the universe ‘s current features of as exchange and duologue, if under the influence of globalisation with all the same civilization, this universe would be impossible to develop, and cultural demands of a assortment of colourss, steering people ‘s lives in interior design class, we should maintain this point of position, design life-changing, people-oriented, so, I think, keeping its ain cultural features, in the interior design is besides really of import.

Many people have realized that globalisation has brought in many unfavourable factors, and they have already begun to protect those cultural heritages, but as a major power, in the Eastern China were dawdling behind in many Western. They have long been to protect those old edifices, in


add-on to those states we can besides see the Russian countryside, and in many rural countries, we do non see a batch of modern architecture being preserved, many topographic points T is are non really much affected by globalisation. This is what many states would necessitate to larn.

The historical civilizations and traditions that is being left behind by the ascendants, our future coevalss should understand and esteem those certain awe, the same grounds for as in why we had the Dragon Boat Festival to mark Qu Yuan. Traditional civilization is the valuable bequest of our Chinese ascendants, those who recorded the history of the text, which reveals the tolerance of the protocol, those who disseminated the instructions of truth, each is worth the same pride of China. It is frequently questioned whether everyone had inherited and carry frontward the line of descent of ascendants? When manner tendencies dispersed, we are non paying court to the Western usage of coarse cultural captivation with lunacy, but we should larn to inherit Chinese tradition and absorb its instructions and doctrine.

Many people now consider merely the immediate economic involvements of the assorted types of building are runing together for commercial intents, and they did non take it into considerations of the cultural impact. But now a turning figure of urban people hankering for a more quiet and comfy life, even if merely holiday break clip, to loosen up is a really healthy thing. The interest of our hereafter in this progressively urban life can happen consolation in a religious topographic point, we can non be take into the economic involvements at the same clip on our cultural life.

2.2 communicate with civilization into design

With the acceleration of human civilisation, human productiveness, modern design is really active in all facets of human life. Materials are comparatively abundant, the quality of life people are progressively high in demands designed to run into the people ‘s stuff demands and emotional demands, should the heavy duty to better the quality of human life. Outstanding characteristic of modern design is people-centered, attending to human demands and meet functionality, people may bask modern design with felicity and relaxation.

Building and building engineering have invariably better really rapidly over the old ages, new edifice is being invariably lifting. The beauty of public infinite demands to reflect the cultural intension, because today people have to pass most of the clip to the usage of public infinites. The beauty of public infinite, we need a complete program, rich in content, aesthetic and baronial Chinese elements into the planning and design of public infinites which are a billowy tendency. Public infinite is


an architectural nucleus. For the motion of people the public infinite is a hub ; for the usage map that is a distribution point ; for the spacial signifier that is an look of architectural character. Eating infinite as a sort of public infinite, it occupied a really big topographic point.

The eating house ‘s interior design as an illustration, under the influence in a globalized economic system, there has been a assortment of fast-food eating houses such as McDonald ‘s, KFC, etc. , in these eating houses all over the universe inside design are the same, I do non desire to state that sort of eating house is bad, but in such a big environment, people tend to experience less comfy and cosy in the topographic point. The design of a good eating house will supply enjoyment in the chase of economic involvements, but besides can reflect the colourful side, so the design of my eating house, I will concentrate on people ‘s senses integrated into some of the traditional Chinese elements. Because in the context of China ‘s history, it has deeper apprehension of cultural life, but besides a really good look in interior design, the usage of these things combined with traditional Chinese civilization class, to accomplish a balance which is moderateness between civilization and infinites.

With the faster and faster of the modern life, western simple manner impact on vesture, nutrient, and other facets. Besides in the interior design, it has become a popular tendency, but a sort of Chinese elements as portion of our civilization and tradition should be inherited. In the design of domestic and foreign, Chinese elements began to more and popular in the design construct. We can see many things used of Chinese component as normally in our day-to-day life.

The catering industry is an of import portion of public countries, it is really closely to people ‘s lives, Eating nutrient environment have a direct impact on people ‘s temper if it bad or good and, so I think why non fall ining the elements of national and the civilization together in to the feeding environment, , so allow it more expansive. Because diet is besides a civilization, different states have their ain different nutrient civilization, under the influence of globalisation, assorted fast nutrient go really popular, We can non deny that the assorted concern chances brought by economic globalisation, as the eating houses is traveling frontward for the intent of commercial competition, if they can unite their ain national features, to make a dining environment more suited for modern life, and which is most contributing to the long-run hereafter development. Here are two illustrations to exemplify the traditional civilization and environment, the combination of eating produce a better state of affairs.

The first instance is a eating house in Hong Kong, named OVOlogue.To restore, preserve and recycle the land floor of the Cantonese gallery store house built in 19th century, OVO enterprises to covert it


into a smart and modern-day looking estery. OVOlogue, a merger of OVO and duologue, is a traditional Chinese eating house make fulling the air with gustatory sensation, art and heritage. Through interior design and selective graphicss with alone characters, it successfully blends in history and modern Asiatic art into dining experience. OVOlogue coincides absolutely with the east-meets-west, tradition-meets-modern spirit.


Another eating house called shi Tai Long xuan. East-meet-West is the design construct of this undertaking. The infinite contains reception country, dining country and balcony etc. The design seeks to continue and restitute the traditional Chinese manner. Grey is the coloring material of Chinese features and it dominates the dining country. The severe texture of hewn rock and the feminine quality of dining table create vivid contrasts. Synergistic beds make for a alone and intimate spacial relationship. Natural visible radiations are introduced in to the dining country and with severe and unostentatious ornaments, the inside and the exterior are absolutely integrated. The design represents peopleaa‚¬a„?s willing of returning to nature and simpleness, every bit good as the peaceful and elegant life style.


2.3 related into design construct

Therefore people will abandon the semblance of fanatism, hankering for a comfy life. Particularly when people want to acquire off from the spinning of the universe that lone brings anxiousness and fright, the ancient elements have a cryptic power that gives us the repose and composure, and sometimes it may non be recognized that the civilization of the external forces have so powerful and


deep to one ‘s bosom.

The philosophy of the mean was the most faithful vision along the old ages in China ‘s doctrine of life. Off tardily the new coevals attempt to accomplish a balance between modern and authoritative that is besides an art. Now I will unite the humanistic disciplines of this balance to my eating house ‘s design construct, the usage of cultural and natural to accomplish this balance and coordination. This balance into the design is non merely for aesthetics, but more significantly is to do the dining environment that changes people ‘s province of head to be relaxed and gratifying temper.


3. Decision

Interior design development to a assortment of manners has been the coexistence of diverse age, the twenty-first century interior design will be in the context of globalisation, with a assortment of manners. Many new thoughts will come at the same clip, consumers are able to accept the different manner, people will accept a assortment of angles comprehensive design of assorted signifiers and manners, non merely understand the simple significance of a simplification. To truly grok the all right traditional civilization of their ain, merely through the merger of globalisation, civilization and design to compare the kernel of the attack to international action, to give the design with a true national significance and quality. We will truly hold on the alleged “ The more national, the more planetary ” that we all know the profound significance of the design construct. From the international point of position, understanding once more, emphasized the construct of state in the impact of globalisation, but besides to seek common land while reserving differences, develop and retain something of national civilization