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Discuss how India is an India held together and sustained by political will that gets challenged every now and so. Exemplify this thru your acquisition of counter patriotism.

Would wish to Get down with a sentence which would really convey out the kernel of the whole papers “ India is really an thought ; you do non populate in India but unrecorded India ” .India is an thought. It ‘s dynamic, fluid and fluxing. The construct and the impression of India maintain on altering all the clip. It is different for different people. Many things are being defined and we define many things on the day-to-day footing. The really Idea of India goes beyond a solid, consistent construct of a state. It is multilingual regional and part. There is no competition to India in footings of diverseness it encompasses. When we imagine India we should understand the diverse experience of being an Indian. This diverseness is a large plus as people have varied life experiences while interacting with people from diverse background. But besides at the same clip this brings about struggle. Initially there was no atomization, there used to constant interaction between communities which was really healthy.

India is a metanarrative. It is a narrative about a narrative, embracing and explicating other “ small narratives ” within totalising strategies. There are smaller narratives of India which are locally co-occupied. It is in our sophistication that we find more indianness.

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There are different beds to the definition of adult females in India vis-a-vis US.In India she is a adult females than Indian adult females so a member of a caste or a community. While when she gets married she drops back to the little provincial individuality. It is territorial and deterritorial. It is non simply India, It is indianness.

Different infinites generate new significances. There are same people shacking in India and Pakistan. It is separated by boundaries which were drawn really late. Where we live and the state Begin and frailty versa. Of late there has been a bastardy and criminalism due to infinite acknowledgment and all of a sudden we look at the impression of the state and inquire whether “ Does the impression of the state ” still keep good.

There is ever the changeless fusion of state. Initially it was n’t every bit generic as gender but now it is assumed everybody has a nationality. Furthermore it is thought of as an acquired phenomena.There is many histories to the construct of a state. There has been a batch of alteration since the yearss of colonial India to the station colonial period.

Nationality is a comparatively modern construct. Customss, beginnings and history are instead obscure cultural traits. Language can be an nonsubjective cultural trait, but the same definition dismisses the possibility of comparing linguistic communication and state. And we know they ‘re non the same anyhow. There are illustrations of people who portion the same linguistic communication but do n’t see themselves from the same state, and there are people who speak different linguistic communications and see themselves portion of the same state.

So, with this construct of state we ca n’t truly infer an nonsubjective correspondence with anything. It ‘s excessively obscure ; it does n’t give us information to restrict it. All we know is that a state is a type of civilization with fuzz boundary lines. Language is the lone trait that seems to be giving some information, but at the same clip it has tonss of exclusions.

States are formed of some memory and some memory loss. There are some memories which you like to retrieve state that the British came through trade grounds and they ended up governing the state. At the same clip we do be given to bury about certain material which are really of import for case we do retrieve about the Chola land but we do bury the North E.

Amidst these assorted ambivalencies the state is formed more so in the heads of the people. There were great official interpreter of the people like Nehru and Jinnah whose addresss many people did n’t even understand or link. But the people still followed them with closed eyes. They were thought leaders but this was a small thing. We should look at the smaller metanarratives which have shaped our state. They were n’t made by leaders who finally became interpreter.

We create load of representation where in a certain people become a symbol of nationality. We form generalization on the footing of interaction with people of a portion or a group. A individual who represents a big diverse community on interacting with him you thrust him with the load of representation. Therefore organizing the general perceptual experience of the group to which he belongs to.

There is a changeless switch between the functions as national and as community individual. Leftovers of yesteryear are seeking to happen a infinite in the present. With Education and modernness at that place have come alterations in the in-between category in footings of trifles of linguistic communication. There is a clang of instruction versus moralss, spiritual & A ; societal norms of the society. Besides there is a clang between the sort of instruction and mentalities. Socio-economic category determines some instruction stereotyped facts keeping the ideas of persons. There has to be willingness to travel with the times irrespective of the degree of instruction. Negotiation and duologue are of import to do a passage instead than doing strong projections of the options.

Harmonizing to Dr. B.R Ambedkar, for the feeling of nationality and patriotism to develop in a individual two conditions must be. First, there must be a ‘will to populate as a state ‘ amongst all the citizens of the state and secondly, there must be a district which patriotism can busy and do it a province every bit good as a cultural place of the state.

A foreign position:

When people from foreign states try to calculate out what India is they have the undermentioned beginnings:

Travel books

History Books

Peoples from India

Media ( books films ) – Largely Bollywood

The followers are the first things that come to their head when they think of India

Dangerous vs Life altering Experience ( depending on people ) .

India ‘s client attention Centre.

In India people do n’t acquire the proper nutrient which they want

Over charging of aliens when they use the assorted manners of conveyance

Arranged matrimonies which lasts for a long clip

Intense respect for life but none for personal infinites

Depressing poorness

Good people


We do maintain on inquiring personal inquiries in general conversations.

There is an compulsion with caste.

We do need certain manners to link like caste, Sense of origin/location.

Feminization of State:

State is seen as a nurturing female parent. The family trees and mythologies clearly indicate that state has been expressed as assorted affinities. Understanding of patriotism is connected with antinationalism. The development of this thought is a development as an overarching docket to short-circuit aspirations of sub patriotism. States can be arbitrary.The narration of the state is seen as a impression of forfeit as an uplifting thought. For a state there is a great demand of boundaries as a marker of sovereignty. But when there is the instance of making boundaries with in the state the people are taken aback. Peoples do n’t even give attentiveness to the petition every bit long as they are non affected by it. The really first reaction whenever there is a demand of spliting the state in to farther smaller pieces is a BIG NO. The thought is thrashed in the heads of the people of the state before even given a opportunity to show itself.

Nationality is a societal feeling: A feeling of sentiment of unity which makes those associated with it kith and kin. Besides there grows an anti family feeling for those who are n’t a portion of one ‘s ain societal group. As a consequence anyone whoever is non holding the feeling of nationality is considered antinational.

But this whole unity is challenged by the phenomenon of counter patriotism in J & A ; K, Northeast, Telangana and Ayodhya. These are the provinces of disaffection and they represent the counter narrations of regionalism. We sitting at our places may reprobate these constructs and demands outright without understanding the land scenario which has let to such antagonistic action.

Antagonistic Patriotism:

There have been tonss of cases of counter patriotism. We shall look in to each one of them and seek to understand the factors behind them. I wo n’t be covering with much of historical facts instead will concentrate on thoughts and positions on the issue.

Case for Pakistan:

Whenever you ask anyone in India about the individuality of Pakistan, the first answer that would come to you would be that it is was the portion of India and was partitioned due the selfish inclinations of some of our national leaders.

Hindus ever claimed India to be a state. They felt that Indians were contending against a common enemy i.e. the imperialist swayers therefore they could non afford to be divided at that clip. Hence the Congress ever spoke of Hindu & A ; Muslim integrity.Also It is was a affair of shame for an Indian to be without nationality and to hold the feeling of nationality one has to hold a state, therefore Hindus started believing that a state called India existed and they had a national individuality. The people of India and Pakistan ever shared a common Environment, linguistic communication and civilization. There have been narratives of long past relationships of forfeits, attempts and battles which the two communities have done together. Infact, the freedom battle was the greatest illustration of such a battle which the two communities won together and which has become a pride and accomplishment.

But when we look at the other side of the coin we do come across certain statements which are truly really strong. Moslems were ever considered as a separate entity and they ever really closely bound. They ever have the sense of unity within their community which they do non widen to the other communities. So it is n’t just on our portion to state that the idea of holding a separate state was developed after we had got independency.

North East:

How many of us have called a different looking ( different merely because he does n’t look like us ) and called him a CHINKI?

Most of US have done so and that excessively many times! ! ! ! ! ! !

These little incidents give us a large apprehension on why there is unrest in the North East?

Why they are non happy?

Why they feel alienated?

The reply is because we make them experience so. And we keep on making this clip and once more. And when it crosses the threshold and they react to the state of affairs we condemn them and label them as anti national.

North-east has traditionally been different from ‘the remainder of India ‘ because of differences in facial characteristics and ethnicity, linguistic communication, art, civilization etc. Christianity is one of the major faiths in these areas- which put them farther apart, and we assume the cultural landscape of the part to be more westernized than the remainder of the state. Alternatively of observing these differences we feel awkward by them. Like other imperial civilisations, India is paternalistic to its ain people and peripheral common people likewise. Its societal hierarchy ranks their folks, likes Gonds and Bastars, below their lower and untouchable castes. Indian societal attitudes mostly hold folks as crude, rearward, and sexually permissive. However, this traditional Indian perceptual experience of their ain folk is foreign to the tribal people of the Northeast as the latter had historically been their ain Masterss. They in bend see mainstream Indians as untrusty and exploitatory. It is safe to state the manner India perceives the Northeast is non the same as the manner the people in this Eastern Himalayan part see themselves.

Trust me it ‘s non that tough to handle them as one amongst you. I had two friends in college who were from Manipur and Nagaland. They are merely like us. Agreed that their civilization is a tad different but that ‘s where the larning portion comes in. They were my really good friends but the attitude of the other pupils towards them was really nescient. Those 2 pupils used to experience awkward about it but they had learnt to populate with it.

The above illustration may be really little but it ‘s the foundation rock for the things which are presently go oning in the north E. The seven sisters are ever in some sort of hurt or the other.

The Insurgency in Assam ; the refugees coming from Tibet and Bangladesh in to Arunachal Pradesh ; The Land Reform Act of Manipur that led to the insurgences ; Inadequate substructure, imbibing H2O, wellness services, sanitation and hygienic manner side comfortss in Meghalaya ; Failure in working the natural resources taking to turning unemployment and bitterness among a subdivision of the young person in Tripura ; unemployment job in Mizoram ; The Insurgency in Nagaland.

They are already confronting so many jobs and on top of that if we ignore and neglect them it would be like adding fuel to fire. The civilization of these parts should be celebrated as they contribute varicolored colors to an organic whole ; alternatively difference is seen as a cause for concern. The instance of ULFA was besides brought up, how ab initio their battle began with a call for enlightened alteration and non combativeness. It was merely when the province refused to handle the people as peers, alternatively fall backing to superciliousness, that combativeness finally emerged.

They should be good represented in all the sectors of the society. Lots of films should be made to convey about this issue and acquiring it noticed by the people. These provinces are an built-in portion of India and they should non be left to be torn in parts.


Ask this inquiry to any Indian in any portion of the state except Andhra and the reply would be a resonant NO. Their logic would be that why should we bifurcate and dissect our state any farther. The general populace should understand that whenever there is motion traveling on there has to be a background to it. By this I am non back uping the demand for Telangana but merely underscoring on the thought that all the parties involved in a struggle must be heard decently earlier coming to a decision.

Whenever the people belong to this state lift their voice, it is ever doubted with small concern with more inquiries. The people who opposed this concern were unaware of the historical background or political schemes and its results, few of them acted as protecting Telugu talking people, but in world it is their selfish motivation, but irrespective of their religions and more selfish motivations, a world cheque is so is required.

The demand for separate statehood is born out of the job people faced, few say most of the people ‘s wants to hold a separate statehood is an selfish motivation, do they believe all people robbed sporadically, for over 48 old ages, those who have raised voice against this statehood are neither husbandmans nor they have seen imbibing H2O job, irrigation H2O job and cuts in electricity supply, non even they have non lost their support on history of new industries or closing of bing industries. Telangana is consistently robbed, deviating its natural resources like H2O and belowground resources etc. It is still a wretchedness that in malice of holding so many main curates from this part punctually elected by the people as their representatives, nil has been done for the people.

So earlier taking any base on this really delicate issue the people have to analyze the minute inside informations of what ‘s go oning and what non. Merely so can we make a rational determination. Before taking any determination we have to understand that province boundary lines are merely meant for administrative convenience and non for personal convenience, no linguistic communication should hold an border over the public assistance of the people and province, so merely we can see a ‘Free and Secular India ‘ .




The same mottos used to lure me and convey out a passion in me some 6 old ages back. I have been brought up in a Jain household and my pa is a Hindutva political orientation protagonist. I excessively wanted that a Hindu temple should be built by lay waste toing the musjid. But when I started reading and opened my head to assorted thoughts and readings on the same issue I realised that how inexorable, obstinate and narrow minded I was.

For a 2nd Leave entirely what was there before. Is this inquiry that of import that it takes the life of so many people and creates unrest in the society. No, surely non. Keep the history and geographics of the events for a 2nd and allow us convey some esthesias to the issue, I know that faith is like a hot furnace when it comes to contentions even a little flicker can trip a broad spread forest fire. So we have to be careful and while esteeming the spiritual sentiments of people come to a via media which can fulfill both the parties.

India has got so much to believe about instead than blowing so much of legislative, administrative and legal clip in make up one’s minding this issue which is merely like what came foremost the egg or the poulet. Let us make consciousness among people by prosecuting them in arguments and doing them gain that such non-fruitful treatments.


The clip has come to analysis these cases of counter patriotism in India alternatively of shrugging them off wholly, naming them as anti- national. Each and every motion mentioned above has a really strong ground which has to unearthed, analysed, so stairss should be taken to do certain the issues of the people are references. We have to travel through this long and boring path as these jobs are really complex Each and every citizen of the state should be given merely intervention and that ‘s our responsibility it ‘s in our manus. And if we make certain that their basic jobs are addressed to so these issues of counter-nationalism would automatically disperse.

In the terminal I would once more like to reemphasize “ We live India and non populate in India ” .