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Russian Federation
Security Council
Authorization for an investigation into chemical weapons used in
Debasmita Basu, TAPMI


by virtue of being one of the permanent member state/nation among
the five constituent States/Nations of the United Nations Security
Council (UNSC), enjoys the “veto power”.

is historical an ally of the people of Syria. Ever since the current
Government held power in the state, it has engaged in strong ties
with the Syrian government in terms of Military & Economic
affairs, including ensuring sovereignty of the Syrian statehood. It
is therefore supportive of Bashar al-Assad and the military
endeavors of the Syrian government to make free the country from the
hold of the rebels in any name.

stand on the issue of authorization for an investigation into
chemical weapons used in Syria is as follows:

Russia, just like
the other world leaders, strongly condemns the use of chemical
weapons under any circumstance in general and against civilians in
particular. Russia has always stressed upon & voted for an
impartial investigation to be conducted in the subject of chemical
weapons used in Syria. However, some of the permanent members of
UNSC, led by the US, arguably possesses a different opinion and
empirically opines the involvement of the Syrian government on a
possible chemical attack on civilians in Syria. Russia feels that
these allegations are completely fallacious, biased and imaginary
since it believes that no such thing has occurred . Hence it would
be extremely unfair on part of UNSC to blame any state for the
attack based on mere suspicion and assumptions.

Continuing on the
note of uncertainty, no nation/state should conduct attacks on other
nation/state without hard and material evidence suggesting
unequivocally that the “attacked nation/ state” has actually
breached the international law or any previous UNSC resolutions.

absence of any hard and material evidence, thus, the Syrian
government cannot be condemned for a possible chemical weapons
attack; that might not have been carried out by them.

On the contrary,
it’s not the Syrian Government; but in fact the US Government that
is to be condemned in the strongest terms for its aggression towards
another UN member state.

believes that sanctions should be put in place for states or groups
who blatantly disregard international law concerning the use of
chemical weapons. However these sanctions can only be put in place
when hard, impartial evidence is on the table, which isn’t the
case concerning Syria as yet.

The Russian
Federation is strongly against the French and British attitude for
their hypocrisy and lobbying. They have abused their power for their
futuristic gain since these states are part of a coalition that is
supposed to fight against the terrorist; while still being supportive
of the opposition (pro terrorist) groups who have massacred
innumerable civilians and is responsible for waging attacks and
causing deaths of millions of innocent people.

Russian government strongly believes in the Geneva peace process.
But it feels that certain countries are more focused on creating
concocted and misleading stories, that are being intentionally
fabricated for their ulterior motive to orchestrate a “Regime
Change” in Syria, than ensuring safety and security to the people
of Syria.

Russia therefore
expects & believes that any sovereign nation should ensure
sovereignty of the other nation; rather than being involved in
conspiring against innocent nations and exhibiting abuse of power and