My research investigation was based upon the narrative of the music video in relation the narrative set by the lyrics. When I began my media project, I had to do research into various forms of narrative and the ways artists have used narrative within their music videos. To find locate existing music videos, I used youtube as a main source to analyse and also find inspiration for my own creation.As part of my research I conducted a questionnaire which helped me in selecting what form of narrative to use. From my questionnaire, I found that humour seemed to be a particular concept which the audience preferred rather than a pure narrative based video. The focus group which I held reinforced this as out of a narrative, sensuality and comedic video they all preferred the comedic element as ‘It tells the story in an amusing way and keeps you interested.’My song choice was I want you1 by Kelly Clarkson; this song has a memorable upbeat tune which therefore encourages the audience to enjoy the song.

Another reason as to why I chose this song was due to the fact that, within the recent charts especially, the songs seem to have a depressive mood to them and I therefore wanted to go against what’s in the current market.The narrative I used for my music video was a linear narrative in that each event is revealed one after the other in the order they happened in. I also chose to oppose the narrative set within the lyrics which I feel was a strong decision as it gave me the ability to add an effective comedic theme into the video whereas if I kept to the narrative set by the lyrics I might’ve found it hard to do include this. To go along with this I chose to create a storyline which involves the kidnapping of a boy by three girls, I decided to show the events from beginning to end. I therefore started with the girls following the guy to three different locations until they kidnap him and keep him at their home until he escapes.

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The locations I chose to use within my production were the co-operative store which I work in (I gained permission to film within the store beforehand), my home, the road I live on and my local country park. I chose these locations in order to focus upon the everyday life aspect of the boy and also to show that a kidnapping isn’t what usually happens to him or any other person on a daily basis.I chose to do the filming over a course of two days so all of the outdoor scenes could be done one day and then I shot all of the indoor scene on a separate day as I personally thought the scenes in which the performers are miming to the camera would’ve taken longer to do compared to the outdoor scenes, which ended up being the case.When it came to the lighting I found that I had little control on retaining a balanced amount within a scene, as within my filming there was a combination of natural lighting, high key indoor lighting and low key indoor lighting. However I felt that I was able to effectively make the actions clear through the use of my Samsung 10.

2 megapixel camera and therefore the lighting conditions didn’t affect the overall finish of the music video.When I set out to create my music video I wanted it to be as professional looking as I could possibly make it appear with the equipment I had. So throughout the process of creating the music video, I had oral feedback from various people in ways to improve the music video which resulted in the final cut. I posted the final product onto youtube and facebook in order to gain comments from a variety of age groups and I also gained a wider knowledge upon the audience’s reaction towards the music video.

The overall reaction from the audience was that ‘there is a very clear connection between the video and the research investigation as well as making it comedic’ as well as the feedback upon ‘really good camera work’. From the positive reactions of audiences, I feel I successfully achieved my objective to oppose the narrative set by the lyrics through the editing I done as well as my success in applying a comedic theme to the video.