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Creating a Metaphor for Tutoring

Tutoring is just like a walking stick; it serves as a guidance for the tutees in terms of schoolwork that they are not thoroughly familiar with. For the most part, tutoring an individual requires compatibility and collaboration. As walking sticks are customized in order to significantly compliment their handler, the same thing can be said of the tutors and their tutee. Tutors are equipped with the knowledge enhanced by their specialization. In order to work well with their students, tutors show great flexibility in various subjects so as to meet the needs of the students.

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Not only is tutoring focused on making tutees understand subjects that they are not fond of; in a greater sense, tutoring also gives psychological support, in the same way that a walking stick provides psychological benefits to the carrier. As a cane serves as an extension of one’s arms, the knowledge acquired from the tutoring process serves as an extension of oneself, giving the person a sense of fulfillment because the tutees are well guided by their tutors to appreciate the subject that they once feared the most. While canes are primarily regarded as an orthopedic aid that aims to support disabled individuals, tutoring applies the same concept in a sense that it serves as an aid for the tutee to get back on the track of their education. Tutors use their expertise to assist the pupil in solving problems and applying the right solutions to get the appropriate answers.

Like walking sticks that come in various shapes and materials, the tutoring process also comes in various approaches. The attempt of learning to walk with a cane is not an easy task, most especially for disables who were used to walking all by themselves, requiring them to undergo processes that not only involve the physical aspect but emotionally as well; the same thing applies with tutoring. In an attempt to win the attention of the tutees and to make the tutoring process appealing to them, the tutor also undergoes several stages in order to make the learning process more manageable and highly adaptive for the student. As some students are not fond of other people taking charge of their learning process, and some are afraid to show that they fail in some areas, the tutoring process, through the aid of the tutor, would ensure that it is safe to not succeed during the first attempts. Thus, in the long run, with the continuous effort of both the tutee and the tutor succeed is just at hand. Similarly, a person who fails to walk properly with the aid of a cane for the first time has to practice using it to be able to walk with it ease. At the end of it all, there is always a positive outcome—the option toward success.