It never fails that an incident that occurred in our family years ago, involving my grandmother and one of her children’ s father, told and has been many of years. It is sad to say that my family is quite violent or should I say knows how to defend them strongly in any situation. With all the turmoil and fighting that the head of the family has been through it has been taught for the members of the family to be able to defend themselves in any given situation.

It all began with our Big Momma which until this day we do not know her name.We just know that she is our great great grandmother and was full blood Cherokee and then to finish what she started came along her daughter Clara, which is my great grandmother and then lastly my grandmother Carrie. It seems that all the years of their lives they always had to fight and protect themselves from men. In my opinion the way the stories are told it seems as if the men they were involved with were demanding and didn’t like that they were independent females. One major incident that sticks with this family every year with every generation is the story about the loss of one of my uncle’s father.Everyone knows the story to the point in very vivid detail. It’s an incident that is sad, but at the same time had a happy ending.

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In 1963 Carrie was pregnant with her fifth child whom would be born to be a boy due date October 16, 1963, by a man named Eyes, which she has never informed of his real name. Her children may know, but the grandchildren and great grand’s have never asked his real name. During her pregnancy she wasn’t very happy due to the child’s father being an alcoholic, aggressive and abusive.He didn’t care how he hurt her during the time of him being under the influence. He fought her as if she wasn’t pregnant and didn’t care about her at all plenty of times. Until one day she got fed up and had to think what she would do in order to save herself, the child she was carrying and provide a stable and secure environment for her children that were already living with her in the home. She began thinking of a plan to move away where he could not find her or put him out.

She pondered many of days how to just ask him to leave, but she knew that he would not ever leave.Until on September 7, 1963 Eyes pulled up in the driveway yelling Carrie very loudly as he got out of the car stumbling as he walked towards the house to come in. Carrie got a little small handgun from her drawer and put it in the mid section of her bra then sat in the room and waited. When Eyes got in the house he was stilling yelling, but at the same time asking her to come to him. As Carrie walked out the room and got closer to him she was telling him, “Eyes please, not tonight. ” He ignored her and grabbed her by the arms with result of shaking her then he began to hit her in the face.

She somehow grabbed the gun from inside of her shirt and hit him in the head with the hand gun. He fell to the floor and she then walked to the phone to call the police. As she was dialing he got up yelling how he was going to kill her. As he came towards her she took a chance and shot the gun and missed.

She knew then that he was really highly tempered. So, she dropped the phone and headed towards the front door to run. Carrie made it out of the front door with the gun still in her hand, but as she reached the end of the driveway he had gotten too close to keep running because he would still catch her.

She turned around and shot the gun twice where this time he got hit with both bullets in the mid section of his torso. Carrie stood there and watched him drop to the ground and he was still trying to fuss she says. As she walked close he began to rise back up and she says she got scared and shot again.

She doesn’t recall or remember where she shot him at, but he did drop down on the concrete and did not get back up. When she noticed that he wasn’t moving anymore she knew then that he was dead. All she could do was sit there and cry.As she sat on the sidewalk the neighbors were screaming and yelling asking, “What have you done? ” The police finally came and after viewing the scene of course she was arrested. Luckily, she didn’t have to worry who would get her children because they were at a relative house at the time visiting. She recalls going to jail and just sitting there waiting to meet with someone that would defend her in court.

She sat in jail a couple of days and finally she met with a public defender and gave her side of the story of what really happened.He informed her that she wouldn’t have to worry about anything. The next day her lawyer came back to visit her and told her that her court date was set for October 8. She sat in jail not knowing what was going to happen and who would keep her children. Her court date arrived and she recalls walking down the long cemented hallway to get to the courtroom with two Sherriff’s escorting her. When she got in the court room she says all she remembers is someone saying, “Everyone please rise. ” She says from that moment of standing she went blank.

She then says she snapped out of being in a daze and the lawyer told her, “You get to go home you are free. ” She said she couldn’t believe it. Right at that very moment she went into labor and had her son around 6:00 pm that same day. It was a sad situation, which the ending results could have been avoided.

However, it happened how it happened and my uncle never got to meet his father, but luckily my grandmother and uncle made it out of a bad situation. That story will more than likely be told over and over again even when my grandmother is dead and gone.