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By and large. the techniques used in look intoing offense should be dependable. accurate and measure every little item in connexion with the offense. As consequence. the research workers use the X- beam method which is used in the signifier of x- beam diffraction pulverization and it is extremely used in a forensic research lab ( Saferstein. 2011 ) .

X ray is an of import method used to prove both organic and inorganic substances. X- beam diffraction used for its many benefits in the research lab for illustration the X-ray diffraction pulverization is used to continue grounds and is used to place many substance for illustration hints of metallic and inorganic ( Saferstein. 2011 ) . This ability enables the research worker to acquire more information and facts of the instance before him. It has the ability to distinguish the substance in a compound for illustration it can distinguish in footings of acid and base of an inorganic. In add-on. the specimen in forensic research lab is of import because the grounds is collected from this specimen ( Saferstein. 2011 ) .

X-ray diffraction is a suited tool to analyse inorganic substances in a research lab because of its ability to distinguish the elements in a compound. Furthermore. every object or point in a offense scene is of import and this tool has the ability to prove all sorts of points at the scene for illustration the pigment. vehicles. every bit good as dirt among many others ( Saferstein. 2011 ) . X–ray diffraction method should be used because of its legion benefits to achieve facts in an probe. Finally. the x-ray diffraction is a suited tool due to its ability to distinguish the hints of elements in compounds. It besides yields more information on the points examined and the research worker can categorise the stuffs into different groups for analysis and certification. ( Saferstein. 2011 ) .

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Saferstein. R. ( 2011 ) . Criminalistics: An debut to forensic scientific discipline. Upper Saddle River. New jersey: Prentice Hall.

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