Criteria A1)                                                                                                                              9Jan    If technology was notavailable in the modern world, the lifestyle of people would be much moredifferent and more difficult. People would not be able to work in a productivemanner and education would have been challenging compared to the lifestyle of studentsnow. Technology can contribute to the education of students as, Students say they use the internet to help with homework at home.

More than half of students in grades 6-12 say they do this at least weekly; for 29 percent of high school students, it is a daily event—and 68 percent say their primary internet access is through a 3G or 4G mobile device. Twenty-nine percent say they’ve used an online video to help them with their homework. Forty-one percent of students who have not taken a fully online class would like to take a virtual class; they see the No. 1 benefit as being able to learn at their own pace. 50% of students from the age of 10-18 go online for homework at least twice a week. 75% of students aged 5-7 regularly use technology for education games 74% of people say that digital content used in schools increase student engagement.                                                          Students can learn inmany different manners including, Visual – Using pictures, images, and the spatial imagery or understanding Hearing – Using sound or any form of music Verbal – Using words for activities such as speeches and books Physical – Using hand, body or sense of touch Logical – Using logic and reasoning system Social – Learn in groups or with other people Solitary – Prefers working alone If technology was notpresent in a student’s life, they will face many problems such as, Students will not be able to prepare for their future career.

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Students will not be able to explore information about their future career. With the help of technology, students can work ahead of time and plan for their future career and multiple possibilities for their career options. Students will not be able to connect with all types of learning styles. The student will not have been open-minded and will not give the option of thinking outside the box.

With the use of technology, students will be able to create an open-minded environment for both in the education world and the normal human world. Students will not be able to develop their student’s digital citizenship skills. Students will not be able to create and get a digital citizenship ship which is very necessary to have in the modern world. With the help of technology, students will have a digital citizenship skill to keep up with the technology advancement. Students will not be able to access the most up-to-date information quickly and easily. Students crucially need information to be able to learn about different things which can educate them about many things.

With the use of technology, students can learn and educate himself about anything they wish to know from new courses in school to the daily news all around the world. Students will not be able to have new opportunities for children. Students need to be given new opportunities to achieve anything in life and the use of technology is important for most of these opportunities for a normal student.

With the help of technology, students can be provided with the new opportunities that the new generation should be given.