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Typically, college is meant for the higher achievers in America.

College is a place for exploration and a learning process to a successful life. Education is a key factor to a successful future. In “What A College Education Buys”, Christopher Caldwell he mention, “Not all schoolchildren have the intellectual capacity to reach “basic achievement” levels.

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In college, similar limitations apply. ” What are the benefits and obstacles of getting a college education?The most recent high school graduates attending college has raised from 47% in 1973 to 67% in 2007 as shown in the US Census of Bureau American Council to Education. Christopher Caldwell stated “ Colleges are the country’s most effective marriage brokers. ” Americans are contemplating on a better future by enrolling in college. A survey conducted by Deliotte show that 400 low-income families says it is “extremely important” for their kids to attend college. Most college students are attending school to gained the knowledge and skilled for marketable job.

By obtaining a degree, this shows employer you have the ability to learn. With the ratio of college completion decreasing, one in every three students will graduate college with a two-year degree as showed in the Federal Data. The crucial part of college is the cost of education. In our economy today, parents are willing to pay a fortune for their kids to attend school.

Christopher Caldwell stated “Parents nationwide – and even worldwide are eager to pay up to 180,000 to get one for their children… A quarter century ago college tuition was a bargain. Preparation to save for college can start as early as kindergarten. With the cost of tuition rising. There are federal Pell Grants for low-income students; there are the federal state student loans with an interest rate.

With an accomplishment of a college degree, it brings security in the future but it is inevitable that student will be in debt. Sometime college isn’t the right choice for everyone. Students who entered into a four-year college institution after high school tend to have some risks.

We tend to hear more about the reward rather than the risk.Christopher Caldwell mentioned, “In France, people often refer to their education as a “formation”. ” As a young adult, you’re still discovering and exploring life.

College should only be a requirement if your investment will pay off in the future. Christopher Caldwell stated, “Economist would say that a college degree is partly a “signaling” device-it shows not that it holders has learned something but rather that he is the kind if person who could learn something. ” College’s courses are extremely difficult, students who aren’t mentally prepared shouldn’t attend college.Charles Murray stated “ Americans with the brains to master the most challenging college classes… is closer to 15 percent than 45. ” A research in 2005 from National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education shows that 350,000 students who borrowed money, never obtained a college degree six years later. Motivation is the key to success; you shouldn’t waste your time and money if the outcome isn’t what you can benefit from.

The problem starts with high school; counselor, teachers and parents aren’t paying attention to the academic needs for each student.Interaction, and social development will help the student grow and be successful. A study from Georgetown University and Workforce shows about 25% of those that obtained a bachelor’s degree generated less monetary than a two-year graduate. But, a college graduate does earn more that a high school graduate.

According to economists Frank Levy and Richard Murnane, “ A 30-year old college graduate earned 17 percent more than a 30-year old high school grad. Now the gap is over 50 percent. ”The value of a college degree can open countless doors to opportunities and a successful future. The higher achievements in college will be beneficial to the students. Obtaining an MBA or PhD degree can be a tremendous thing for society and yourself. Since 2000, the Public Agenda stated that 55% of Americans believe that college is an essential to success in our economy. Christopher Caldwell mentioned, ‘College degrees must eventually fall as more people get them and probably not everyone wants one. But having a college degree can be a good investment and a successful future.