The family you grow up in defines your sense of character and background. These are some of the ingredients that give you a taste of culture. Culture provides a basis for one’s sense of normalcy, because anything outside of one’s culture is possibly considered a different way of life.

How you were raised and where you were brought up defines a person’s culture. Culture can be defined for me by Am. Am is my Scottish grandmother.She raised six kids on her own through the great oppression and both World Wars. She defined the way my dad grew up and therefore it defined the way I grew up. My culture is defined by my grandmother because she established a background and a way of life that my parent’s went by. My parent’s formulated my life around the equation that if I made the right choices that I would make something of myself.

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My parent’s never pushed me on any subject, but they always made me hesitate and reconsider to make the best choice. I always had to come up with it on my own.This defined my culture. My environment in my adolescence consisted of being in the open country. My culture would have been highly different from that of a city boy, and that is why I always hated the idea of becoming a city boy. Am lived right down the road from my family, and I spent most of my days roaming her farmland.

My culture was that of being wild, rambunctious, outdoors, and imaginative. I was able to do many of the things that city boys could not do, because most of the ones that I knew were wrapped up in video games. Their culture was t. V.

ND social media and mine was limning trees and riding horses. Yes, I love video games, but it was not part of my culture. Their style of living or culture was different to me. Am is the focal point of my culture because my heritage and background all comes from the stories she tells. Without Am I would not have a clear sense of the culture I came from and the culture I am a part of today, because I can recognize the differences between her culture and mine.

Her culture was that of hard work and toughness because that’s what it took back in those days to make it and survive.My society’s culture has a mentality that everything will be okay and someone else will take care of it. Because my grandmother does not believe in that at all, my dad does not either.

Now my society culture is weird to me, because I have a different mindset than today’s society in the most part. My grandmother has defined my culture because she has been such a role model in my families lives. Am explains my culture because she was such a pivotal and monumental part of my upbringing. The people, places and things that shape and mold you into your ensue of a normal life are what define your culture.My grandmother defined the way my dad viewed the world and therefore the way I viewed the world. My culture has been influenced by parent’s and grandmother because I did not have the same culture as my society.

Society played a role in my culture, but society culture created a deterrence trot mine that I could notice and denned my culture through. Since my culture was so different I saw society’s culture as weird. Am matured my sense of culture into something that I could understand.