Last updated: September 21, 2019
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Establishing curfews for teens fewer than eighteen will be very beneficial in the community. Community curfews will determine the likelihood of teen’s futures. Not only will there be less violence but also, parental authority, and health benefits. Having a curfew for teens will give them less time for violence. No curfews in community’s results in vandalism. Many schools, parks, and local hangouts are being destroyed with inappropriate writings and drawings due to vandalism. Also, the drug and alcohol levels will decrease with having a decent curfew. Teens are making the decisions by drinking and driving.

There are many out breaks with fights in almost every community, having curfews can help prevent fights. There are many fights that are on the news of gang and teen fighting. Parental authority is a major issue in many communities. Having parental authority will help teens make better choices. Talking to your teens will decrease the number of life threatening choices. More family time is needed to keep teens more occupied at home. Having family gatherings will keep teens less off the streets and more at home. Teens need to have a great role model and parents will be looked up to.

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Parents should talk to their teens so the teens can have a great influence later in life. Having curfews can increase young teens health in the communities. By having less teens smoking, there will be less young deaths and disease. Many teens have been diagnosed with lung cancer and have eventually lead to death. Drinking and driving has been the leading cause in death for young teens. Almost, two thousand young teens have died in the past year from drinking and driving. Many young teenage women are now getting pregnant, by staying out later with male friends.

The abortion rate of babies has majorly increased from young teenage women getting pregnant. So yes, there are many health benefits from establishing curfews in communities. Curfews are now slowly being enforced in many communities throughout the country. The communities that have established curfews have stated that the violence and vandalism rate has decreased. Also, that the choices of young teens has increased in the time of the curfew. Lastly, many young teen women have become pregnant, and gratefully the curfew has decreased the rates. So to answer all the questions about curfews, yes, they help all young teenagers.