Current Trends in Management

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1 Recognition 3
2 Executive Summary 4
3 Introduction 5
4 New merchandise Introduction 6
5 BOP rules used 7
6 Research Design 8
7 Sampling and sample size 9
8 Datas Analysis 10

RecognitionWe would wish to thank Prof. Sabiha Fazalbhoy to give us this astonishing opportuinity to work on this study. We would besides wish to thank Symbiosis University to give us this chance to work on this topic.We would besides wish to thank our friend, households and servants/maids who have supported us throw out the undertaking.Exectuive SummaryThis undertaking was conducted to cognize about the inside informations of Bottom of Pyramid ( BOP ) in a little sample of 5 households. To cognize about the purchasing behavior of them for a peculiar merchandise.We started off by questioning the people in the BOP in our vicinity including retainers, amahs or guards.

We asked them about their Eye airy merchandise penchants.We presented them with questionnaire after which analysis was done.IntroductionFederal bureau of prisonsHarmonizing to the economic sciences, theunderside of thepyramidis the largest, but poorest socio-economic group. In the planetary footings, fundamentally it is the 3 billion people who live on less than US $ 2.50 per twenty-four hours.

[ 1 ] Bop as a market provides new growing chance for the private sectors and a forum of information.The 12 rules of BOP are as follows: [ 2 ]

  1. Monetary value Performance
  2. Advanced loanblend
  3. Scale of operation
  4. Sustainable development
  5. Deskilling of work
  6. Education of clients
  7. Planing for hostile substructure
  8. Interfaces
  9. Indentifying functionality
  10. Procedure Invention
  11. Distribution methods
  12. BOP markets

New Product Introduction99 Sri lanka rupees SpectaclessWorldwide, around 250 million people would necessitate a brace of spectacle, but can’t afford to purchase a spectacle because of the basic ground poverty. [ 3 ] Furthermore, in India besides this figure is reasonably high because of so many grounds such asLack of cognition, no proper oculus look into up, deficiency of money, deficiency of resources and so on.They can non work, can non analyze, can non read decently, can non confront others and can non supply for their households.

Our solution: The 99 Rupees Glasses.They will be consisted of followers:

  • Recycled steel
  • Recycled/new oculus spectacless [ 4 ]
  • Flexible steel spring frame
  • prefab lenses
  • Can be manufactured locally by simple bending machines

As the name says its monetary value would be 99 rupees. It will be of same manner frame for all, as it saves the costing and solves the basic intent of clear vision for all.Free look into up will besides be provided for the same in the rural countries in different runs and events.

Our tagline would be: Clear vision for allBOP rules used in our merchandiseThere are fundamentally following rules used in our merchandise.

  1. Monetary value Performance
  2. Identifying functionality
  3. Education of client
  4. Sustainable development – Eco friendly
  1. Monetary value public presentation:The 99 Rupees spectacless would follow cost containment and effectual public presentation theoretical account. Price is an of import portion in the growing of the BOP market. Peoples in the BOP market are really monetary value medium. And at the same clip theya re really much value counter besides for the merchandise. The merchandise should make value amongst the clients in the BOP market. This merchandise will be cost effectual and will give solution to a batch of destitute people in footings of their vision issues.
  1. Identifying functionality:It is fundamentally acknowledging that the functionality required in the merchandise in the BOP market might be different from that available in the different markets is a critical start point.

  1. Education of clients:This will be one of the major factor in the oculus airy merchandise in the BOP markets. One-half of the people in the BOP market doesn’t know about the oculus cheque up’s demands and future benefits of it. Few of them doesn ; Ts know the benefit of eyeglassess and the results of eyeglassess in their life manner.

    Few people doesn’t even bother about their vision issues in the BOP market.

  1. Sustainable development:We are utilizing few recycled merchandises in the fabrication of the oculus spectacless. Our merchandise is eco friendly besides in a manner, Not wholly but still it’s a start in the eco friendly method. Gradually will calculate out to do the full merchandise as eco friendly.

Research DesignResearch Design– a Research Design is a blueprint/structure that the research worker uses as a base for carry oning his/her research.For the intent of Data Collection and Analysis, the research worker is utilizingDescriptive Research.Descriptive Research– Descriptive Research is a type of Quantitative Research which is done to uncover forms in consumer behavior. It reveals assorted features of the population being studied.

Methodology– The methodological analysis the research worker is utilizing isSurvey.Survey– It is a method of descriptive research which uses a questionnaire to roll up primary informations from a representative sample. It requires inquiring the respondents inquiries refering to their use of a peculiar product/service.Tool– The tool used in this research isNear Ended Structured QuestionnaireNear Ended Structured Questionnaire– A stopping point ended structured questionnaire is one where the study takers are restricted to a few pre-determined replies set by the research worker, and the questionnaire has a certain structure/pattern to it.Sampling AND SAMPLE SIZESampling:Sampling is the procedure of taking a certain sum of members from the mark population and utilizing them as a representative of the population to inquiry and behavior selling research.Types of Sampling:

  • Probability Sampling
    • Simple Random Sampling
    • Stratified Sampling
    • Bunch Sampling
    • Systematic Sampling
  • Non-Probability Sampling
    • Quota Sampling
    • Judgemental Sampling
    • Convenience Sampling

For the intent of Sampling, we will be utilizingProbability Sampling.Probability Sampling– This is the procedure of trying where every individual member of the mark population has an equal opportunity of being selected as a portion of the sample size.

Methodology– We will be utilizingStratified SamplingStratified Sampling–Stratified Sampling is the procedure of spliting the mark population into a few sub-divisions/strata on the footing of a certain characteristic, such as age, gender, income degree, etc. An equal figure of respondents is so selected from each strata.Sample Size– To carry on this research, we are traveling to utilize 5 member of BOP market.Datas Analysis

  1. Name
  1. Gender:
  • M – 3
  • F – 2

3 respondents were males while 2 were females

  1. Age Group:
  • Below 18
  • 18-35
  • 35+

  • Address: _________________________________
  • __________________________________________________________________

    1. Number of household members: _________

  • Occupation:
    • Service
    • Business
    • Government
    • Others, Please Specify ___________________________________

  • Education:
    • No Education
    • Passed Class Ten
    • Passed Class Twelve
    • Alumnus
    • Post Graduate
    • Others, Please Specify ____________________________________

  • Family Income:
    • Below 5000
    • 5000-10000
    • 10000-15000
    • Above 15000

  • Make you confront job with your vision?
    • Yes
    • No

    3 out of 5 respondents said they had jobs with their vision

    ( I ) Do you acquire your eyes tested?

    • Yes
    • No

    Out of the three respondents who got their eyes tested, 1 got it tested 6 months ago while two got it a twelvemonth back.11.( I ) Do you have on eyeglassess?

    • Yes
    • No

  • Would you be interested in eyeglassess for Rs 99?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Possibly

  • Would you urge this merchandise to others?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Possibly

    3 respondents said they would urge this merchandise to others, 2 respondents said that they might.

    DecisionOur study was done to analyse the willingness to purchase our merchandise and to cognize the cognition about their oculus airy penchants. We have come to a decision where it says that half of the people haven’t of all time tested their eyes because of some cockamamie grounds that they didn’t feel like. At the terminal they said that if the inexpensive eyeglassess will be available in the market so they would prefer to hold one besides because we are traveling to educate besides them refering the effects of the oculus attention carelessness. And they will besides urge this merchandise further.1