In my own words, cybercafés are acts of not only theft and destruction, but also the acts of fraud, bullying, emotional abuse, misleading, and many other things that can not only bring a company down to nothing from the top, but can emotionally destroy a person to the mint of said person committing harmful acts against oneself, such as attempted suicide, suicide, starvation, or self-mutilation. It is also possible to steal funds from others and companies such as banks without ever being what’s referred to as a “traditional” bank robber.It is much harder for police to enforce these kinds of crimes due to the fact that new schemes are being developed every single day and a lot of the newer technology is Just as far advanced as any the police systems have at their dispense at the current moment. Cybercafés are at a rise in the United States at the current time, simply because it is so easy for people to get away with them. It’s nearly impossible for police to track every single scam going on in the United States every second of every day.

There are several new kinds of scams and fraudulent activities going on at the moment such as Backbone pages for “sick” children begging for money, fake “not for profit” institutions, even churches. It astonishes me to see just how much crime has come along since people started using the internet for their own gain. Another kind of cybercafé is dating websites, often they ask for money, and even the ones who don’t are allowing possible predators to stalk innocent people and lure them in, which can lead to their death.Personally, I think a lot of things can be done to slow the crime rate of online offenses. Every website should have a security officer to patrol every single thing that comes and goes from the website to the user and vice versa.

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There should also be more detectives assigned to online crimes research and every single police force in the United States of America should eave a division that specializes only in cybercafé investigations.As far as enforcement goes, making sure there is a definite solid amount of proof in the case would greatly improve the amount of people convicted for these types of cybercafés. There should also be an investigator for “special crimes” assigned to each and every case working undercover to uncover and convict perpetrators who commit these types of crimes. I also believe there should be stiffer penalties for cyber bullying and crimes of that nature.Far too often, people are killed or commit suicide due to something that was said on the internet, especially Backbone or dating websites.

For example, in my own hometown, a couple was brutally murdered in their own home with their newborn baby in the mother’s arms, simply because the baby’s parent’s had “unverified” this girl on Backbone. Her father got involved and became furious, and brutally murdered the young couple. Now their son has to grow up an orphan.The man’s daughter was never sentenced on the cyber bullying charges, imply because the state lacked evidence to prove that seen was the cause to near father committing the murders. As far as being able to control these things, I am very doubtful the United States will ever get a handle on these things, simply because there is far too much work involved, and not nearly enough investigators to truly make a dent in these crimes. Cybercafés will, in my opinion, end up being the biggest crime problem that the United States will have to face, and all that can be done is to attack it one day at a time.