David Copperfield Summary Essay, Research PaperDavid Copperfield enjoys his early childhood with his female parent and their charitable retainer, Peggotty.

But when his female parent marries the cruel Mr. Murdstone, he is sent off to Salem House, a creaky London embarkation school where the male childs are beaten by Mr. Creakle.

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Here David befriends Tommy Traddles and the blue James Steerforth. Shortly after she gives birth to a boy by Mr. Murdstone, nevertheless, David & # 8217 ; s female parent dies, and David is pulled out of the school and forced to travel to work at Murdstone & # 8217 ; s wine warehouse. He lives with the destitute Micawber household, whom he grows to love, but when Micawber is sent to debtor & # 8217 ; s prison, David runs off from his work and goes to populate with his never-say-die grandaunt, Miss Betsey Trotwood.

Miss Trotwood adopts David and sends him to Dr. Strong & # 8217 ; s school in Canterbury, where he thrives.David lives in Canterbury with a attorney named Mr.

Wickfield ( whose intriguing clerk, Uriah Heep, takes advantage of Wickfield & # 8217 ; s alcohol addiction to procure himself a place as spouse in the house ) and Wickfield & # 8217 ; s girl Agnes, with whom David forms a close and permanent friendly relationship. When David finishes at Dr. Strong & # 8217 ; s school, he goes to work at the jurisprudence house of Mr. Spenlow and Jorkins, where he falls in love with and becomes engaged to Dora Spenlow.

/ & gt ;When Em & # 8217 ; ly, David & # 8217 ; s childhood sweetie and Peggotty & # 8217 ; s niece, runs off with Steerforth, Mr. Peggotty ( Peggotty & # 8217 ; s brother ) sets out to happen her.

Miss Trotwood is all of a sudden and out of the blue plunged into fiscal ruin, and David begins making excess work to assist back up her & # 8211 ; he learns stenography and begins describing on Parliament for the documents, and he finally begins composing narratives for magazines. He marries Dora, who proves inept at housekeeping. Soon after, he is shocked to larn that Mr. Micawber has gone to work as a clerk for Uriah Heep and that Heep intends to get married Agnes.Dora becomes badly after the birth of their kid and dies, as does the kid.

With the aid of Martha Endell, David and Mr. Peggotty win in turn uping Em & # 8217 ; ly ; the Peggottys program to go forth for Australia to get down a new life. After exposing Uriah Heep as a felon and a fraud & # 8211 ; and coercing him to do reparations for all the money he embezzled & # 8211 ; Mr. Micawber besides plans to travel his household to Australia.

Steerforth is killed in a shipwreck, as is Ham & # 8211 ; Em & # 8217 ; ly & # 8217 ; s cousin, who loved her & # 8211 ; and David remains profoundly saddened by Dora & # 8217 ; s decease. He travels abroad for several old ages but returns at last, recognizing that he loves and has ever loved Agnes Wickfield. Now a celebrated author, David marries Agnes, and the two live merrily of all time after, as do their friends in Australia.