“Death is non the greatest loss in life.

The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. ” ~Norman Cousins “What is felicity? ” What a wholly heavy and laden inquiry this is. If I were to compose a paper about felicity. I would so necessitate to operationally specify felicity in footings that allowed everyone to understand what I was mentioning to. The job with this. nevertheless.

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is that we so simply reiterate the best definition we come by. believing we understand the significance while ne’er genuinely oppugning our ain ideas on the affair ; hence ne’er genuinely sing it. I believe this happens in the bulk of fortunes. and know that I did this for many old ages.

It is much simpler to merely travel along with life instead than inquire yourself those true and deep inquiries that will rattle your universe. I believe felicity is the complete aware attending and cloud nine found in the present minute ; the present minute is beautiful and basically perfect.Therefore. one must take to be happy right now in the present. because this is all that exists. Many old ages ago. I read a quotation mark by the Dalai Lama.

which I think is really applicable to this. He reported that when something is incorrect. you can either repair it. and therefore it will work out and there is no demand to worry. or there is nil you can make.

and hence worrying about it is moot. When one truly and with every fibre of their being accepts decease and the enigma of the hereafter. there is nil left but to appreciate the present minute. I believe this is where happiness roots from because it truly puts things into position.I have been experimenting with this. and as a individual who often worries. believe excessively much.

and feels frequently overwhelmed by life. I have found huge peace and repose from this credence. For me. it wholly shifted my position on everything. I have been able to remain unagitated and resilient in state of affairss that would usually convey on a panic onslaught or lay waste to me. This.

of class. doesn’t mean that my life is now all roses and butterflies. but that this new position AIDSs me in estimating state of affairss and responding to them as I think I should rationally. non instinctively. Ultimately. there is no manner to cognize how your life will play out in 10 proceedingss. and hr. or a hebdomad.

Happiness is the value of every minute and the full attending paid to it.