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Dear Sir/Madam,I am very glad to applyfor Master’s study in Civil Engineering. I am from Pakistan and I graduatedfrom University College of Engineeringand Technology Bahauddin Zakariya, Multan, Pakistan one of the top-ranked universities in the country, inCivil Engineering with a Bachelor of Science degree program. After mygraduation, I have worked as Assistant Structure Engineer in a private sectorfor one and half year, later I joined Nicon Group of Colleges one of the well-knowncolleges of Pakistan in science and technology where I’m working as a lecturerfor BTEC Higher National in Construction and Built Environment, Design of Structurewith Autodesk Revit and  ProjectManagement. My decision to major inCivil Engineering is a direct result of my desire to contribute to thedevelopment of state-of-the-art infrastructure in my country, aiming towardsimproving its global standing.

Foundation of this lies in my childhood when I watchedthe documentary of world’s megatall skyscraper Burj Khalifa that structure fascinated me a lot and also triggeredcuriosity in me how this high rise building can support such massive load? Afterthat, when I saw the structures like EmpireState Building and Golden GateBridge those also captured my attentions. Besidesthat, there was also a question in my mind how one manages everything to buildsuch kind of giant structures in possible short period of time? Thus asfar as my career was concern I had already decided to opt civil engineering forits versatility in infrastructures.. During graduation thefield which inspired me the most was structural engineering as, it wasfacilitating me with the answers for my curiosity about mega structures andthis inspiration triggered me to achieve high grades in all structure coresubjects. Especially the topics regarding SteelStructures, Prestressed ConcreteStructures and Construction ProjectManagement with their extreme research potential was at the top of my listas, all high rise buildings need a strong structural design along with a strongfoundation design to safely support the loads and to transfer them to the soilunderneath. In Pakistan, where there is several kind of conditions like hightemperatures, freezing conditions, humidity, low bearing capacity of soil,maximum chances of erosion and low wealth; structural engineering is one ofthose rapidly evolving field which best suits the requirements for countryinfrastructure development. My interest in structural engineering and thepractical implementation of this field forced me to work as an intern at somemega projects currently running in Pakistan like “China–Pakistan Economic Corridor” which exposed me to visualizemodern design methods and contemporary construction techniques at siteAt some point of my professionalcareer, I realized that my undergraduate education had provided me with what isonly a glimpse of this field and there is so much more waiting to be exploredand created in this industry but due to my financial position, I was unable topursuemy studies in my country or abroad.

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Since, I heardabout the announcement of your scholarship programme and with carefulperusal of the web page, I am convinced that my academic career can receive themuch-required exposure and enhancement enabling me to pursue extensive researchand excel at it through your programme.As of my high interestin structures and the courses provided by BudapestUniversity of Technology and Economics in MSc Structural Engineering ,University of Debrecen in MSc EngineeringManagement and Széchenyi IstvánUniversity in MSc InfrastructuralEngineering. I want to study at any of these three universities with myselected programme. Not only the Universities distinguished faculty, excellent laboratories with fullfacilities and high reputation attracting me but also does the on-goingresearches by eminent faculty. They will provide me understandable platform. Iam wishing to get expertise in these fields.

In your university, I will takepart in field work and laboratory activities that provide me with hands-onskills on analyzing complicated structures and solving their problems using equipmentsand techniques typically found in the work place. I will do my level best toexcel within this department. My utmost goal is to become a valuable andrenowned researcher in the field of Civil EngineeringI look forward to yourpositive response. Thanking you in anticipation.Yours sincerely,Muhammad Imran Waris