1) Audacity (n): shameless or brazen boldness; insolence.

My teacher had the audacity to yell at me in front of all of my classmates, instead of just pulling me to the side and talking to me in private. 2) Philandering (v): To engage in many love affairs, especially with a frivolous or casual attitude. Used of a man. The girl finally broke up with her philandering boyfriend; she couldn’t take the pain anymore. 3) Reproach (n): Blame; rebuke.Don’t reproach him for your mistakes, instead take responsibility for them. 4) Reserve (v): to keep back or set aside, for future use or contingency; withhold. You can reserve your dignity and step aside or you can stay where you are and let me push you out of the way.

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5) Monotonous (adj): Sounded or spoken in an unvarying tone. His monotonous tone made everyone taking his class become board in the first ten minutes of his lecture. 6) Ominously (adj): Menacing; threatening; evilThe man on the corner appeared to be ominous, but I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because he was just waiting for his granddaughters. 7) Loathing (n): Great dislike; abhorrence. Rachel looked at Harper with such abominate loathing, that everyone could tell they were enemies. 8) Contemptuous (adj): Manifesting or feeling contempt; scornful.

It was clear that Robert didn’t like the library very much; you could tell by his contemptuous attitude every time he was forced to go there.