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The intent of this assignment is to depict and specify what constitutes Decent Work and how this shortage might be reduced through a sectoral dimension that is an built-in constituent of a DWPC. Besides, this assignment will hold an attack to the Decent Work Agenda while implementing the recommendations of the Global Jobs Pact at the sectoral degree. Besides promote the policy coherency with other international and regional organisations and utilise societal duologue to advance nice work and the Global Jobs Pact.

The state and sector that I have chosen is Honduras – Agribusiness. I think that this state and sector is a good pick because is a state that the bulk of them are working in agribusiness and there is a batch of poorness at that place, so I will hold a batch of things to speak about how can decent work be measured and what could be the solutions to the shortage jobs.

First, I will explicate what is nice work, what is the state of affairs in Honduras peculiarly in the agricultural sector, besides how can decent work be measured and what could be the solutions to develop this issue and seek to accomplish a better conditions for the employees at the workplace.

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What is Decent Work?

Decent Work reflects the aspirations and the chance to work forces and adult females to obtain a productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human self-respect. Besides this word includes regard for basic rights, entree to employment, safe and healthy working conditions, and societal security. The “ Decent Work ” comes through the societal duologue.

The universe community has established Ten Millennium Development Goals. The intent of these ends is to cut down the hungriness and poorness, to better entree to potable H2O, wellness, and instruction and to develop some schemes to do possible a hereafter development.

The ILO and other organisations such as, the International Union Confederation ( ITUC ) , non-governmental organisations ( NGOs ) has an of import function in order to advance the nice work.

2. – Honduras Situation:

Honduras is one of the poorest states in the western hemisphere. That, twosome with of import degree of authorities corruptness, pack force and impunity for many violators.

Unfortunately, nice work shortages are higher in the agricultural sector. They are present in all denial of rights at work, in hapless choice employment and high degrees of unemployment, in insecure on the job conditions and deficiency of income security, and eventually in the unequal representation of agricultural workers in the societal duologue which could better their working lives.

Decent work conditions are worse in the agricultural sector than in other sort of sector. For illustration, rewards are lower and they are non distributed in a reasonably manner. Besides it is of import to state that agribusiness sector has two-thirds of the universe poorness. Honduras, in 1990, waged workers comprised 31.5 % of EAP but had a 74.6 % poorness rate, compared with an 89.9 % poorness rate for self-employed who formed 48.7 % of EAP. Furthermore, 28 % of people are populating with $ 1 a twenty-four hours, 16 % of people populating with $ 2 a twenty-four hours and 37.4 % of people are populating beneath the poorness line ( Honduras Country Review 2010, Business Review Premier )

Other of import job that Honduras has is the sale of agricultural merchandises under the right monetary value caused by the political relations that force to the husbandmans to sell the merchandises cheaper. This job is known as dumping.

For a better apprehension, it is of import to foreground the difference between rural and urban country. Urban country is defined as urban Centres with potable H2O, cloaca system, electricity, pavings, school and so on, while the rural country has a deficiency of all these services where the 53 % of the people in Honduras work in this country.

Beginning: International Labour Organization ( ILO )

As we can see in the graph, in Latin America between 1991 and 2001 there was a decrease in the sum of people employed. However in 2007, there was a recovery making the same figures of 1991.


Who works in agribusiness?

Wage earners: Permanently employed agricultural workers, specialised workers, seasonal, insouciant, impermanent, and day-to-day workers, migratory workers.

Freelance: Large landholders, moderate-sized and little landholders, subsistence husbandmans, sharecrop farmers and renters.

Unpaid household members

Others: Concerted workers, autochthonal people, kid laborers

In agribusiness, the rural migration has a strong seasonal constituent. During the agricultural extremum times there is a strong demand of employees where they used to work from the dawn to sunset in depends on the conditions, harvests and seasons while in low seasons they migrate to the urban countries looking for occupations chances frequently in the informal economic system.

With mention to employees, adult females have worse conditions than work forces and they have fewer chances to exert their rights. To be cognizant of how many adult females are working in the agricultural sector in Honduras, I enclose a graph that shows the distribution of work forces and adult females in agricultural activities and non-agricultural activities. ( Annex 1,2 and 3 )

Furthermore, the employees used to hold a deficiency of cognition. With this I mean, that they do non hold talks or developing for developing their accomplishments in order to increased the productiveness of the employment. However, this job starts in the kids where they frequently non go to to the school. To cognize how large is this job the net school attending in 2006 was 80 % of misss and the 77 % of male childs in primary school and 36 % for misss and 29 % for male childs in secondary school. ( Source UNICEF ) . This is a large job that the ILO see really of import for the decrease of the poorness.

Furthermore, the deficiency of financess allocated for the execution of the National Plan of Action for the bar and riddance of Children at work had as a drawback an addition in the figure of kids, particularly in rural countries and among autochthonal peoples, working under exploitatory conditions. 299,916 male childs, misss and immature individuals aged between 5 and 17 old ages were economically active. Of this figure, 21.51 % were misss and 78.49 % were male childs. Furthermore, 72 % of the kids had work unrecorded in rural countries, and 28 % in urban countries. The 56,2 % of kids plants chiefly in agribusiness, forestry, and fishing and domestic work sectors. This issue has been raised in the last old ages. Furthermore, kids who have the legal minimal age of employment still had the same shortage conditions that those how have non yet achieved it ( Source ; ILO )

Finally, the force labor is other of import point in Honduras where you could happen more or less 2,540,000 people forced to work under awful conditions.

Rights at work:

The agricultural employees have the right to freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, the riddance of kid labor, the abolishment of forced labor and non-discrimination in the universe of work. However these rights in the rural country are denied. One of the large jobs is the inexistence of an employment contract that causes an absence of protection of the labor codification, this is known as informal employment.

This chart shows the employment informality in Latin America, Asia and Africa in the first 1990A?s, in the concluding 1990A?s and in the old ages 2000.

Beginning: International Labour Organization ( ILO )

As we could see there was an addition of the informality employment in Latin America until the 2000 where this figure see a somewhat lessening. However, Asia ever had high degrees of informality employment.

Social Dialogue/ Tripartite audience:

The societal duologue in the agribusiness is one of the chief spreads. Employers, authoritiess and employees are able to voice their concerns, treaties, take part in determinations doing and better the statute law in the universe of work.

The bulk of the population in Honduras was no aware of what is a trade brotherhood. With this, I mean that there is an of import spread in instruction to explicate the importance of a trade brotherhood in order to accomplish better conditions of employment and the defense mechanism of the rights at work. Because of that, the ILO established this issue as one the chief ends to accomplish, the societal duologue. The societal duologue includes any sort of dialogue or exchange of information between the representatives of the authorities, employers and employees about inquiries of common involvement related with the economic and societal political relations.

This aim is really hard to accomplish because the hapless people is worried about what they can make to last and non worried about the societal duologue.

Equality of chance and intervention:

This refers to equality in employment and business without differentiation as to race, coloring material, national extraction, faith or societal beginning.

Honduras besides has a spread in the equality of chance and intervention. Womans and work forces do non hold the same chances. For illustration, work forces have a better pay than adult females ; besides they have better conditions to work. However, adult females have opprobrious or unhealthful on the job conditions, they have lower remunerationsaˆ¦ This favoritism is frequently between adult females, autochthonal workers, migratory workers and lower-caste workers.

The Honduran National Business Council ( COHEP ) informed that the rewards of adult females under equal conditions merely represents 67.6 % of the mean work forces pay.

To cognize how this is of import, in some states adult females still need the permission of their hubby to work in agricultural co-ops. However, in other states such as Australia, the national jurisprudence guarantees the equal intervention between work forces and adult females in forestry and agribusiness.

Safety, wellness and Social protection:

Agribusiness is one of the most unsafe businesss to work. In Honduras agribusiness is frequently excluded of the safety and wellness ordinances or is the least covered of the economic system.

The chief accidents and hurts in agribusiness are:


Inadequate conveyance

Extreme temperatures

Chemical merchandises

Contact with unsafe animate beings.

Machinery noise

The usage of machinery and pesticides has aggravated the state of affairs. The exposure to pesticides may ensue in decease, poisoning and malignant neoplastic disease. These are one of the grounds of why agricultural workers have higher rates of hurts and accidents.

However, the fact that the agribusiness is heterogenous makes really hard the ordinance. Most of the workers live in hapless conditions and besides they have a deficiency of instruction that may ensue in a deficiency of information of the different jeopardies of the hurts and how they could forestall them.

Furthermore, other states such as Morocco, Ghana, Nepal and Sudan do n’t hold safety and wellness Torahs applicable to the agricultural sector. Lone states such as, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Netherlands, Australiaaˆ¦ have a full set of safety and wellness commissariats.

The ILO estimates that in 1997 occurred 330,000 workplace accidents worldwide, where 170,000 were from agribusiness.

Besides it is of import to state, that in many states the agricultural accidents and hurts are non a portion of broader societal security system.

Fewer than 20 % of the universe agricultural workers are covered by one or more of the 9 eventualities of the societal security system ( Data from ILO ) . In Africa for illustration, the societal security system excludes de agricultural workers.

With mention to the societal protection, the agribusiness is the least good protected with mention to the illness, workers compensation, health care, pregnancy benefitsaˆ¦

Womans should hold pregnancy benefits. For illustration, pregnancy leave, hard currency benefits and besides interruptions. These benefits frequently are non carry out by the employers.

Finally, with mention to the Labour reviews, the ILO emphasized the of import of OSH reviews in this sector. However, in Honduras the authorities do non do an attempt in this issue. That ‘s one of the grounds of why there are a batch of accidents and why there are a batch of kids working in agribusiness alternatively of go toing to the school.

3. – Solutions:

The Decent Work Agenda with its attack to the societal protection, rights, societal duologue and employment, acknowledge the importance of accomplishing the Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs ) . There are 8 of import ends:

Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poorness and Unger

Goal 2: Achieve universal primary instruction

Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower adult females

Goal 4: Reduce kid mortality

Goal 5: Improve maternal Health

Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability

Goal 8: Develop a planetary partnership for development.

The MDGs placed poverty decrease. Agribusiness has been the motor of the Honduran economic system and besides for a batch of states and in many states it still be the base of the economic system, being the major subscriber for the GDP.


For advancing employment and nice work in rural countries there was developed the Global Employment Agenda ( GEA ) . Here we can happen the qualitative and quantitative facets in order to advance nice work and productive employment.

The chief ends of the GEA are: promote trade and investing for productive employment, promote technological alteration in order to accomplish higher productiveness, promote significant development, macroeconomic policy for growing and employment, advance nice work, active labor market policies for employment, security and poorness decrease, societal protection, safety and wellness and productive employment.

First, a cardinal factor for increasing the productiveness is the being of employees with the right accomplishments. To hold employees with right accomplishments is really of import to develop and develop their capacities. But this job starts as a kid, as I explain before. For solution of this job there are some steps.

The commission noted in the Code of Children and Young Persons of 1996, that individuals under 14 old ages old may no work behind any fortunes. Besides they can non work, individuals who have achieved this age but they are in mandatory instruction. The lone exclusion that the authorities allow is in instance of necessary to supply subsistence for the household but besides they need to go to to the compulsory instruction. Under the same codification, people between 16 and 18 old ages old, may be to execute some risky types of work.

Furthermore, to complete with the kid labor, 4 spreads have to be addressed. First, national statute law has to include statute law forbiding risky child labor with mention to the conventions 138 and 182. Second, freedoms and exclusions in agribusinesss have to be eliminated. Third, labour review that in agribusiness there is a failing that already exists. And eventually, educational criterions. Educational shortages carry on in deficiency of literacy, deficiency of accomplishments, hapless educational levelsaˆ¦

Second, as I explained before the forced labor is still go oning in the agribusiness. The Forced Labour Convention of 1930 says that all members have to extinguish the forced or mandatory labor. The CEACR noted that in some instances, when employees are working overtime or they earn less than the minimal pay due to their employers, they would be punishment. For illustration, the Brazilian authorities in order to eliminate the labor force has adopted some steps such as, the acceptance of equal legislative commissariats, an one-year list of entities and persons found guilty, exclusion for any fiscal assistanceaˆ¦

And eventually, the Equal Remuneration Convention of 1951 pointed that work forces and adult females have to gain equal wage for work of equal value. The Convention of 1958, guarantee that all members have to declare and prosecute a national policy to advance equal intervention.

Rights at work:

The freedom of association is one of the human rights, which tries to better the societal and labour conditions of the employees for illustration, through corporate bargaining.

The Freedom Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention of 1948, established that workers without differentiations have the right to fall in organisations on their ain pick. Besides, the Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention of 1949, established that workers are able to bask protection against Acts of the Apostless of favoritism.

For rural workers there are two other conventions: The Right Association Convention 1921 and The Rural Workers Organisations Convention 1975. The first one pointed that all employees must hold the same rights of association and combination as the industrial employees and the 2nd one established that all sort of rural worker have the right to fall in organisations on their ain.

The Honduras Government will enforce punishments for act of anti-union favoritism in the following instances:

The deficiency of adequate and full protection against any Acts of the Apostless of intervention and of sufficiently effectual and dissuasive countenances. The Honduran National Business Council ( COHEP ) in 2002, prohibit any resistance by employers to the acknowledgment and enrollment of the legal personality of workers organisations in order to vouch equal protection.

The ILO Committee ratified that Honduras authorities is responsible for guaranting the application of freely ratified international labour conventions associating to freedom of association and Honduras has to do an attempt in order to alter the state of affairs.

Social Dialogue/ Tripartite audience:

With mention to this point the solutions are to set up some Torahs to guarantee the public presentation of it and besides some mechanisms in order to guarantee that the brotherhoods and the companies are non interrupting the Torahs.

As I told earlier, in Honduras there is a deficiency of instruction and cognition, that ‘s why there are a batch of workers that they still do n’t cognize what is a brotherhood. This is a really of import point in order to vouch a great topographic point to work and besides this will assist for the development of the economic system. That ‘s why, Honduran Government is look intoing the instruction statute law in order Os better the cognition of the population.

Equality of chance and intervention:

The ILO commission explained that the strategic ends of the Gender Equality and Equity Plan ( 2008-15 ) includes legal reforms to guarantee the entitlement of all adult females to societal security and besides to bask the benefits, hence guaranting the entree to societal security of workers in formal and informal economic systems.

The ILO commission petition to the Honduran authorities reforms in the LIOM due to the failure including sexual torment among the grounds for which the employee Could complete the contract without notice and liability in his or her portion and keeping the benefits and compensations, as in the instance of unfair dismissal.

With mention to individuals with disablements, the ILO notes that the Ministry of Labour and Social Security with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation ( AECI ) and other Partners, has established a assortment of steps to advance and supply inducements for the coevals of Jobs in 1,000 companies and organisations.

Safety, wellness and societal protection:

As I explained before, agribusiness is one of the worst sectors in mention to the safety and wellness protection. The Safety and Health in Agriculture Convention 2001, is really of import because is the first clip that the agricultural workers are every bit good protected as other classs of workers. However the Convention does non cover subsistence agriculture and industrial procedures. The convention besides calls for adopt systems of reviews for agricultural workplace.

Furthermore, with mention to the societal protection, in 1921 the Women ‘s Compensation Convention requested to widen to all agricultural workers all the compensations for hurt by accidents.

Agricultural workers might be excluded from the Social Security, Medical Care and Sicknesses Benefits Convention and besides the Invalidity. However, agricultural workers could non be excluded from the Employment Injury Benefits Convention 1964 that provides national statute law in this issue.

With mention to the pregnancy protection, the ILO regulates this issue with the Maternity Protection Convention of 2000 apply to all employed adult females. With this Convention, authoritiess have to pregnant and suckling adult females from jeopardies. Besides adult females have the right to return to the same work place or tantamount gaining the same sum of money. This issue is really hard to command in agribusiness because there is a deficiency of statistical informations.

Finally, labour reviews. The inspectors have free entree to workplaces capable to review every bit good as the necessary agencies to transport out their responsibilities, peculiarly conveyance installations to enable them to see workplaces with sufficient frequence. Employers have to inform to the inspectorate about occupational diseases. And the Honduran Government will enforce punishments if they are interrupting the jurisprudence. I enclose a theoretical account of labour review ( Annex 4 )

3. – Recommendations:

My recommendations to the Honduran Government in order to cut down the nice work shortage are: ( Annex 5 and 6 )

First, national-level of action. It means, to reexamine the statute law with an unfastened overview in order to widen the coverage to the rural workers and in peculiar to guarantee the protection of cardinal rules and rights at work such as the societal duologues, the freedom of association and national statute laws in educational issues. Besides, guarantee the reasonably action of the authorities with no corruptness.

Second, is to take any exclusion that might be in the national jurisprudence. In peculiar conventions of Safety and Health, labour review and employment policy.

Third, is to see the advantages of consolidating all the relevant criterions into a individual instrument in order to supply more effectual protection for the rural people.

Fourth, is to concentrate on equipment and invention. With this I would wish to explicate that the new engineering and machinery is truly of import in order to better the on the job conditions and besides to the effectivity. This will ensue in fewer hours to work because they can bring forth more in less hours and better working conditions.

Fifth, the importance of corporate bargaining through brotherhoods, in order to hold more power in their dialogues with the authorities and companies to vouch a nice work conditions.