Democracy Essay, Research PaperWhen I think of the word democracy, I think of Government. Democracy is a signifier of authorities in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised straight by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. This means that Government must protect the basic rights, or autonomies, of all people. This is the system of authorities that United States are base on.The United States, Cuba, and DemocracyDuring the Clinton disposal, the sentiment has been proclaimed on so many occasions by the president and other political leaders, and dutifully reiterated by the media, that the thesis: & # 8220 ; Cuba is the lone non-democracy in the Western Hemisphere & # 8221 ; is now nil short of standard wisdom in the United States. Let us analyze this thesis carefully for it has a extremely interesting deduction.

During the period of the Cuban revolution, 1959 to the present, Latin America has witnessed a awful parade of human rights misdemeanors & # 8212 ; systematic, everyday anguish ; hosts of & # 8220 ; disappeared & # 8221 ; people ; government-supported decease squads picking off selected persons ; slaughters en masse of provincials, pupils and other groups, shot down in cold blood ; journalists critical of the authorities often assassinated. The worst culprits of these Acts of the Apostless during all or portion of this period have been the authoritiess and associated paramilitary squads of El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Haiti and Honduras. Not even Cuba & # 8217 ; s worst enemies have charged the Castro authorities with any of these misdemeanors, and if one farther considers instruction and wellness attention & # 8212 ; the United Nations & # 8217 ; & # 8220 ; Universal Declaration guarantees both of which of Human Rights & # 8221 ; and the & # 8220 ; European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms & # 8221 ; & # 8211 ; countries. In which Cuba has systematically ranked at or near the top in Latin America, so it would look that during the near-40 old ages of its revolution, Cuba has enjoyed one of the really best human rights records in all of Latin America. If, despite this record, the United States can take a firm stand that Cuba is the lone & # 8220 ; non-democracy & # 8221 ; in the Western Hemisphere, we are left with the ineluctable decision that this thing called & # 8220 ; democracy & # 8221 ; , as seen from the White House, may hold small or nil to make with many of our most cherished human rights.

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Indeed, legion dictums emanating from Washington government officials over the old ages make field that & # 8220 ; democracy & # 8221 ; , at best, or at most, is equated entirely with elections and civil autonomies. Not even occupations, nutrient, and shelter are portion of the equation. Therefore, a state with hosts of hungry, homeless, untended sick, hardly literate, unemployed, and/or anguished people, who have loved 1s, are being disappeared and/or murdered with province collusion, can be said to be populating in a “democracy” .

Its actual Grecian significance of “rule of the people” connoting that this is the sort of life the people really want — provided that every two old ages or four old ages they have the right to travel to a designated topographic point and put an X following to the name of one or another person who promises to alleviate their suffering status. But who will, typically, do virtually nil of the sort ; and provided further that in this society there is at least a certain lower limit of freedom — how much being in big step a map of one’s wealth — for one to show 1s positions about the powers-that-be and the workings of the society. Without undue fright of penalty, irrespective of whether showing these positions has any influence whatsoever over the manner things are. It is non by opportunity that the United States has defined democracy in this narrow mode. Throughout the cold war, the absence of “free and fair” multiparty elections and adequate civil autonomies were what marked the Soviet enemy and its orbiters.

These states, nevertheless, provided their citizens with a comparatively nice criterion of life insofar as employment, nutrient, wellness attention, instruction, etc. , without ubiquitous Brazilian anguish or Guatemalan decease squads. At the same clip, many of America’s Third World allies in the cold war — members of what Washington still likes to mention to as “The Free World” — were human-rights catastrophe countries. Who could tout of little other than the 30-second democracy of the polling booth and a tolerance for dissenting sentiment so long as it didn’t cut excessively near to the bone or endanger to turn into a motion.Naturally, the lone manner to win cold-war propaganda points with squad batting orders like these was to laud your squad & # 8217 ; s trade name of virtuousness and curse the enemy & # 8217 ; s deficiency of it, denominating the former & # 8220 ; democracy & # 8221 ; and the latter & # 8220 ; dictatorship & # 8221 ; .Civil autonomies and elections are non piddling achievements of world. Countless persons have suffered anguish and decease in their chase.

In add-on, despite the cold-war flashers, this even today limits the United States & # 8217 ; vision of this thing called democracy. There would still be ample recognition due Washington if, in fact, in the post-World War II period, the US had been utilizing its pre-eminent place in the universe, its overpowering & # 8220 ; superpower & # 8221 ; position, to distribute these achievements & # 8212 ; to move as the foolproof planetary title-holder of free and just elections. The historical record, nevertheless, points in the opposite way.