Democracy as we know it is far less efficient as a form of government than a dictatorship. It takes a fair amount of time to make ultimately inadequate decisions in a democracy because the people of a nation can never seem to agree. Democracy is ridden with undesirable compromises. Although a dictatorship does have its positive attributes, it can be just as inefficient as a democracy, if not more so, in the wrong hands. In a democracy, the people of a state have to go through a long, arduous process in order to make one simple decision.

Most of the time in a democratic nation is spent electing, voting, debating, compromising, and weighing possible solutions rather than acting and making a difference. In a dictatorship, the leader simply makes a decision and it is carried out. What would take years in a democracy would take months or even weeks in a dictatorship. What is the outcome of this drawn-out process and constant squabbling of democracy? Compromise. No matter what decision we spend years or even decades to come up with, someone is unhappy.There are plenty of people who are happy living in a dictatorship, yet within that same society there are groups of unhappy people.

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Do these two types of government not yield the same result? It’s as if someone goes directly into the work force after high school and earns a six-figure income right off the bat whilst their college-bound counterpart ends up with the same salary four years later. I myself would prefer to live in a democracy. Although I feel that my beliefs and values put me in a minority group that is rarely represented in democracy, I would rather live in a nation of compromise than a nation of possible restraint and unrest.The fact remains that not all dictators have the good of the people in mind, and bad decisions can just as easily be carried out without haste in a dictatorship. After all, I have grown up in a democracy and although I am not listened to, I am at least allowed to be heard. Democracy is compromise; however, a dictatorship can be a disaster in the wrong hands.

To spend decades in a democracy deciding on an issue is far less efficient than immediate action in a dictatorship. Despite this argument, I would rather live in a democracy simply because I value my freedom. I’m sure most Pakistanis would reply in the same manner.