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Gaming has brought several transitions in our daily lives. It has move out as being “cool” and is normal today for almost everyone. Gaming no longer is in 2D space or 3D spaces but it is not is players space where most of the things in game are things happening in real life of players and interactions of players in reality. Gaming allows the users to engage in a reciprocating communication exchange with the machine. Game player and machine acts based on responses to previous message.

With the increasing growth of knowledgeable machines developed by developers’ machines imitates human respondent. It’s a form of human-machine interaction. With the game industry topping $18. 60 billion in 2010 there can be no doubt that game sector is gaining more and more acceptance. T-Shirts with game characters like Mario, Pac man, turtles and objects like speed car and bikes are sold heavily in retails shops Zoom of new technologies and changes in demographics of gamers have boost game players to look for new challenges and a stronger involvement in playing experience.

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This talk presents the investigation of the game developers and game player’s demographics such as ethnicity, gender, age, year and education level of gamers. The article also presents the analysis of playing frequency, game development frequency and relationship between the game developers, game player, game designers and the wider game community. Game developers, as being producers of creative products continue to bring their individual life experiences into the process of creation and their products reflect those life experiences, as well as our ideas and assumptions.

We see that as these incredible game artists keep on their work, the entire games sector will explode and games are not going to go away even if anything new in market, game players shall take it over. 2 WHAT ARE DEMOGRAPHICS? Demographics are characteristics of human populations and population divisions, especially when used to identify consumer markets. They are used for marketing purposes, population, ethnic origins, religion, spoken language, income and age. In short we can say, studies of a population based on factors such as age, sex, economic status, level of education, income level and employment, constitute demographics. WHY TO CONSIDER DEMOGRAPHICS FOR GAME SECTOR ? Finding the demographics of game players allows companies to access the size of a potential market and also to decide how much capital to allocate to production and advertising. For example, a company that sells play station game would want to know roughly how many people are playing it and also what percentage of them will be able to afford the product. These factors will help organization to plan their developers’ demographics.

Demographics help to learn about population’s characteristics for many purposes, including policy development and economic market research which helps government and non-governments corporations to decide policies and production. The gaming developers and game players demographics plays a significant role with economic, cultural and political circumstances with the change in number of developers and players. Although the rampant popularity of video arcade game playing diminished somewhat in late 1970s, it continued to remain an important pastime for many youngsters.

Even at that time over 40 percent of respondents visited a video parlor at least one time per week. Conclusion Games are emerging as dominant form of entertainment in 22nd century. There is no doubt in mind that the gaming industry shall have bright future with diverse pool of game developers. Through our analysis we see that fact that the game developers exists in society, globally. But seeing the ever increasing game players, strategically thinking of game developers there is no blindside that in coming years game industry would be at top in software sales in market.