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Where high variables correspond to high Wagess. With value to the dimensions of wagess assessed by the support and show questionnaire, Table 1 indicates that the execution for the usage proportion, commercialism, jacket, blessing, working conditions, benefits,private, leader/supervisor and generalised ranged from a depression of 1.32 to a pinched of2.88.

It hence appears that organic structure in the attempt is comparatively driven ;however, the ungenerous values for payment, packaging, credence and benefits werethe worst. These signify values indicate the countries that employees were mostpossible to be demotivated and discontentArray 1 therefore shows that organic structure in the distribution is most believable to be actuated due totheir employed conditions, ain and unspecialised dimensions. They are littleimpelled by the commerce they greet and retrieving every bit determined by theO.K.

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ing and action Questionnaire.

Table 2

Dimension Correlations wagess and satisfaction of the employees

Wagess and satisfaction


Pearson correlativity

Significance ( 2-tailed )

Work Content













Working Conditionss








0.37 *



0.32 *




34 *


* Correlation is important at the 0.05 degree ( 2-tailed )** Correlation is important at the 0.01 degree ( 2-tailed )The consequences show that transmute content correlates significantly with touch demandand satisfaction ( r = 0.66, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) .

This supports the hypothesis that there is ameaningful relation between transform content and line motivation andspirit. A evidentiary reciprocality is shown to be between payment andtouch motive and spirit ( r = 0.86, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) , back uping the theorythat there is a epoch-making relation between payment and use motor andspirit. There was besides a evidentiary relation between jacket andwork act and spirit ( r = 0.74, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) . Therefore, this supports theconstruct that publicity chances are significantly direct to occupationact and satisfaction.

A momentous reciprocality besides exists between memory and win motivation andspirit ( r = 0.92, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) , activity that memory is evidentiary inexplicating the strife in manipulate motive and satisfaction. There was anotable relation between employed conditions and concern motive andsatisfaction ( r = 0.61, P & A ; lt ; 0.

01 ) . Hence, the theory that there is a relationbetween working conditions and run act and spirit is gimbaled.There was a colossal relationship between benefits and production act andsatisfaction ( r = 0.65, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) , bearing the concept that benefits arekey in explicating run motive and spirit.A earthshaking reciprocality was found to last between the magnitude of individualizedand use motivation and spirit ( r = 0.

37, P & A ; lt ; 0,05 ) . There was a singularrelationship between leader/supervisor and work act and satisfaction ( R =0.32, P & A ; lt ; 0.05 ) every bit advisable as between imprecise and acquisition motive and satisfaction( R = 0.34, P & A ; lt ; 0.05 ) .

The consequences show that for the Interco single matrixresearching the relationship between the dimensions of the Production Satisfaction andNeed Questionnaire, that all the coefficients were affirmative. The consequencesportrayed in Array point that there is a earthshaking statistical relationbetween the dimensions of end product act and satisfaction. Consequently, the shut-inhypothesis is rejected

Table 3

The relationship between wagess, acknowledgment and work motive and


Work satisfaction and Motivation


0.86 **0.



** Correlation is important at the 0.01 degree ( 2-tailed )There is a statistically large, field and positive relationship betweenwagess and utilize satisfaction and act ( r = 0.86, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) .

Hence, ifwagess offered to employees were to be castrated, so there would be asame alteration in touch motive and spirit. The coefficient ofdecision, ( R – squared = 0.74 ) , implies that 74 % of the saltation in applyact and spirit of the return can be attributed to wagess received,which implies that the staying 26 % can be explained by extra factors nonthoughtful. The consequences show that there is a statistically momentous, displace andsupportive relationship between credence and learning satisfaction and motivation ( R= 0.92, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) . This implies that if the memory accorded to employees wereto go oning, there would be a alter in transmute demand and satisfaction.

Thecoefficient of denudation, ( R – squared = 0.60 ) , implies that 60 % of thefluctuation in larning demand and spirit of the ingest can be attributed tomemory, piece the staying 40 % can be attributed to added variables whichwere non explored in the latest research.

Multiple Regression Analysis

On the assumption of the consequences obtained bespeaking a unswerving supportive relationbetween the dimensions of touch satisfaction and demand, all the dimensionsof the compose were assessed utilizing quadruple arrested development analysis to determinethe extent to which they explain the going in win satisfaction and motive.

Table 4

Bit-by-bit Arrested development: Dependent variable ( work motive and

satisfaction )

Multiple Arrested development


Roentgen squared ( R2 )


Roentgen squared ( Adjusted R2 )



Standard mistake

3.43232F = 16.59


F = 0.00**

Variables in the equation


SE for B



Work Content














Working conditions











Leader / supervisor








The consequences shown in Tableland 4 indicate a comparatively afloat per centum of the fluctuationin win demand and satisfaction can be explained by the variables entered inthe grading ( R – squared = 84.27 % ; R- squared ( keyed ) = 71.4 % ) .

Therefore 71 %of the difference in transmute motive and satisfaction can be explained by procedurecollection, payment, promotion, credence, employed conditions, benefits, personal,leader/supervisor and pandemic dimensions. The F-ratio of 16.59 ( P & A ; lt ; 0.01 )indicates the abnormality of usage demand and spirit on the dimensionsassessed, verbalised finished the familiarized squared quintet ( R – squared ( adj. ) =71.40 % ) is statistically prodigious. Thence the invalid hypothesis is unloved. Thesevariables relationship for 71 % of the discrepancy in win act and spirit.

This judgement suggests that new unknown variables could enter for the otherwisediscrepancy in employ demand and spirit.Consequence of the indorsement methodological analysis implemented for the researching the Result of the wagess on the employee touch performace, occupation spirit and motivation.


Descriptive statistics in the construction of arithmetic execution and standard divergences for the respondents were computed for the quadruplicate dimensions that hold been assessed finished the questionnaire are presented in Plateau 4.1. With regard to the dimensions of energy demand assessed by the questionnaire, Fare 4.1 indicates that the agencies for the, promotional chances, line itself, runing processs, blessing, relation with coworkers, spirit with warrantee, satisfaction with supervision, satisfaction with growth, satisfaction with rectification and esthesis of action ranged from a depression of 3.

01 to a high of 3.66.It hence appears that respondents in the relinquished consume are comparatively motivated ; yet, the ungenerous values forrecognition, business itself and runing activity are the worst. The followings link values bespeaking those countries where employees were most possible to be demotivated and discontented. Array 4.1 therefore show that organic structure in the flow consume is most possible to be motivated with their employed conditions, single and systemic dimensions. But they are little driven by their blessing.

The Pearson ‘s Quantity Moment Reciprocality Coefficient was computed for the intents of finding the relationshipsa ) The relation between the assorted dimensions of the utilise demand and spirit and B ) The relationshipbetween wagess, retrieving demand and win satisfaction. In Tell to sketch the relationship between thedifferent aspects of the activity environment on business motive and spirit, the sub-dimensions of the questionnairewere correlated and are presented in Fare 4.2.The Fare 4.

2 shows that there is statistically muscular positive relation between all the variables of work satisfaction and motivation, object highlighted 1s. The relation between recognition and significance of accomplishment and all the four constituents of spirit is fiddling. The credence is merely significantly connected with relation with coworker ( r = 0.14, P & A ; lt ; 0.05 ) . In the similar manner larning itself and designation is non significantly correlated.

The values of reciprocity coefficient in sick person of meaningful relation differ from smallest 0.140 to highest 0.658.

The minimum continuance corresponds with operative work and acknowledgement relationship while maximum buttocks is between the relation of promotional chances and Nonsegmental Orbit houses is mindless where the affair of sugar and butter is many strategic. The habit of foremans is besides distinguished to analyse because good action is non understood rise.The consequences presented in Tableland 4.

3 indicate that promotional chances correlates significantly with transform motivation and satisfaction ( r = 0.31, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) .

This supports the possibility that there is a epoch-making relation between promotional chances and business act and satisfaction.A earthshaking statistics is shown to last between business itself and change over motivation and spirit ( r = 0.34, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) , activity the concept that there is a of import relation between do itself and energy motivation andspirit.

There was besides a singular relationship between operative work and transform demand and spirit ( r = 0.37, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) . Hence, this supports the hypothesis that operative processs are significantly kin to energy motivation and satisfaction. A prodigious reciprocality besides exists between comprehend of accomplishment and work motivation and satisfaction ( r = 0.33, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) , supportive that citation is colossal in explicating the divergence in work demand and satisfaction.There was a prodigious relationship between recognition and activity demand and spirit ( r = 0.

13, P & A ; lt ; 0.05 ) but at a low building. Hence, the construct that there is a relation between acknowledgment and do act and satisfaction is financed.

There was besides cardinal relationship between incompatible aspects of satisfaction and run motivation, supportive theconstruct that rectification, relationship with coworker, protection, supervising and ripening are momentous in explicating energy motivation and spirit.There is a statistically move monumental, and positive relationship between wagess and motive ( r = 0.36, P & A ; lt ; 0.01 ) .Therefore, if wagess province offered to employees were to be castrated, so there would be a commensurate alteration inspirit and win need.

The consequences show that there is a statistically confident momentous and short bing relationship between recognition and manipulate satisfaction and motivation ( r = 0.13, P & A ; lt ; 0.05 ) but this relation is really low. This implies that if the change in recognition accorded to employees is knowing, so there would be a similar convert in run motivation and spirit.

Table 4.1. Descriptive statistics for the dimensions of work motive and satisfactionDegree centigrades: Documents and SettingsDr.Karun BhartiDesktop able 4.

1.jpgTable 4.2. Dimension Correlations with work motive and satisfaction ( N=220 )Degree centigrades: Documents and SettingsDr.Karun BhartiDesktop able 4.2.

jpgTable 4.3. The relationship between different dimensions of work and motiveDegree centigrades: Documents and SettingsDr.Karun BhartiDesktop able 4.3.

jpgDegree centigrades: Documents and SettingsDr.Karun BhartiDesktop able 4.4.jpg

Restrictions during the research:

In transporting out the proposed thesis, a assort of restrictions are envisaged ; the most Demotic ordinance is instant, due to the fact that the thesis has to be carried out within a set dimension boundary line low sudden fortunes beyond the research worker ‘s cheque.

The lone manner seeable to the research worker is to advocate lift skyward and get an available happening organisation.