Dermont SummersMs.Scott-JacksonINvasion of Iraq23 January 2018                 The Purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader about the Invasion of Iraq.The Invasion of Iraq happened on March 20 to the first of May.When President Bush thought that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction because of threats from Saddam Hussein.Then on March 20, Bush declared an invasion of Iraq.                Both Bush and the C.I.A was trying to find reasons to invade Iraq.Coming to the conclusion that Iraq had probably had weapons of mass destruction(W.M.D).President Bush even told America that the U.S. military was going to war with Iraq because of the threat of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction and that might tie into terrorism. Also with the idea of the weapon of mass destruction and threats it was declared a war.Which starts the war.                           There could be a chance that the war was unnecessary or was necessary according to the reason.There was an aftermath of the war “After all the of occupying Iraq is to ensure a continued flow of oil from the Persian Gulf.”(29 Hinnebusch).Not only that but they were some bad after effect like the loss of respect by Washington global public opinion.The reason that they went to war on Iraq since they maintain its chemical weapons project.       The bad things about the war include money, respect and other.Money because “The long-term cost of the war for us hegemony appear to be significant.”(26 Hinnebusch)Not only that but the Washington public opinion lost respect too.Like how Hinnebusch states “Another major cost of the war has been the loss of respect by Washington in global public opinion”(26 Hinnebusch).Not only that like every war people die or get seriously injured which is a major problem.The worst thing is there were no weapons of mass destruction.         The weird thing about the war is it was a test.According to Hinnebusch “The war was a test of how far overwhelming military power can impose fail accomplice that reshape international norms.”(25 Hinnebusch)