The 5 marketing management orientations are production concept, product concept, sales concept, marketing concept and social marketing concept. Production concept assumes that customers will want to buy products or services that are easily available and affordable.

Hence, management would focus more on production efficiency and distribution of the product. This concept is useful when the demand of a product is higher than its supply. Coca-cola is one of the successful examples of companies that adopt production concept.The company makes Coca-cola can be purchased almost everywhere in a country, either urban area or rural area. Product concept assumes that customers will favour products that offer the most quality and innovative features. Companies holding this concept therefore concentrate on making continuous product improvements. However, the employees, especially the managers, will tend to trap in the “better mousetrap” fallacy and lose sight of the long term goals of the company and the needs of the customers.Nevertheless, there’re still some successful examples of this concept.

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For example, in order to compete with other brands of coloured pencils, Faber-Castell has introduced and promoted its “non-toxic coloured pencils” which has successfully won the support from those parents who are more emphasising on safety of usage. Sales concept believes that customer will not buy the firm’s products unless aggressive selling techniques are undertaken by the firm.The firm usually urge its employees to master the hard selling techniques so that they can be more persuasive when they are trying to promote products of the firm to potential customers.

This concept is usually adapted by the career field which has over capacity of companies such as insurance firms. Promoters of the insurance firms usually use some harsh words like “die” or “accidents” to make the potential customers to believe that they must purchase the company’s products although they might not need them.Marketing concept believes that for a company to achieve organizational goals, it depends on determining the needs and wants of the target market. It takes an outside-in approach. Marketers practising this concept recognise that customers are always the first priority of the organization and they aim on complete customer satisfaction. This requires an integrated marketing effort, that is, team work between different departments within the organization. For instance, team work between the marketing team and the academic team of UCSI University.The marketing team will be in-charge of the promotion of the academic programmes available in UCSI University while the academic team will have to ensure and maintain the quality of the programmes and courses offered.

Societal marketing concept emphasises on delivering superior value to customers in a way that maintains or improves the customers’ and the society’s well beings. Companies practising this concept will hence organise various types of activities or launch different types of programmes to show the concern of the companies towards the society.Great Eastern is one of the companies that adapt societ marketing concept. Great Eastern offers international scholarships and local scholarships to the Malaysians or Singaporeans.

Another good example is STAR newspaper. Besides offering scholarships to Malaysians, STAR newspaper also launches education fair annually in Malaysia. Today, marketing management is usually defined as keeping the balance among customer satisfaction, organization’s benefit and society welfare.Marketers today have to ensure that they plan their marketing activities properly, unlike in past, marketers now have to pay more effort in dealing with existing customers as well as potential customers.

For example, in old days, marketers only sold products when customers asked for them, and now, marketers will need to plan more activities like giving out tester of the product to public in order to maintain or raise their sales figure due to the great competition within the career field.