I have an hp computer laptop. We’ll, it’s not actually mine because everyone uses it so I will not refer to it as mine. We’ve had it for about 7 months. Prior to this laptop we had a desktop computer. We had to get a laptop because the desktop computer malfunctioned due to a thunderstorm where it was struck by lightning. Anyway I’m supposed to be describing the laptop so that’s what I’m about to do in the next few paragraphs. The laptop is black.

It has a silver logo on top of the face. It also has black buttons except for the power button which is silver.It has 4 USB ports, a headphone jack, and a microphone jack.

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It also has a SD card slot which doesn’t work for some reason. It has blue and green lights on some of the buttons. It came with a 40GB hard drive. The screen is 14 inches wide.

It has a mouse pad, but we have purchased a wireless mouse for it, as well as a webcam. Plugged into the computer, is a cable modem, which was purchased from Charter Communications. The operating system that runs on the computer is Windows XP Home Edition.I prefer Internet Explorer so that is the browser that is used. It has a battery that last for 2 hours, but it does have a battery pack which came with the computer.

The laptop has Microsoft Office installed, and lots of other software including CD burning software. To sum it up it is a hp Compaq computer that has a 1. 73 ghz Intel processor and a GB of RAM.

It was manufactured in 2002 and costs around $500. I have officially ran out of words to describe the laptop, so I think that’s it for this paper.