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Desertification In Ghana Essay, Research Paper

What precisely is desertification? Unfortunately, there are many responses and

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many beliing definitions. Some say that it is lasting, others say it is

a reversible procedure. There are even arguments on whether the definition should

include human engagement or non. It seems that all that can be agreed on is

that it is “ the most serious environmental job facing Africa

today ” ( Nsiah-Gyabaah, Kwasi. Environmental Degradation and Desertification

in Ghana pg 27 ) . At the United Nations Conference on Environment and

Developments ( Earth Summit, 1992 ) desertification was defined as “ land

debasement in waterless, semi-arid and dry semi-humid countries, ensuing from assorted

factors, including clime fluctuations and human activities ”

( “ Desertification, ” Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

( S J0180 ) . ) . When chew overing the footings

& # 8216 ; desertification & # 8217 ; or & # 8216 ; desertified land & # 8217 ; our civilization forms mental images of big

dunes with sand decelerating traveling over them like in an ocean. Possibly a camel or

two, baking in the Sun. This romanticized thought is far from what scientists call

desertification. In existent life desertification looks like an country of difficult and

cracked Earth with sand blowing above. In this scene you are more likely to see

a nomad with bony cowss rolling the abandoned plane in hunt of

something to eat. Not excessively romantic, huh? Desertification is more the

“ devastation of the biological potency of the land or the creative activity of

desert-like conditions in antecedently productive countries ” ( Nsiah-Gyabaah, 28 ) .

There are many grounds for desertification. The two most significant are the

recent drouths in Africa and worlds seeking to prolong themselves on fringy

lands ( Glantz, Michael H. Drought Follows the Plow pg 35 ) . More specifically,

the grounds for desertification and land debasement include “ climate

alterations, overgrazing, over-cropping, deforestation, and over-exploited

H2O ” ( Mainguet, Monique Desertification pg 66 ) . Although it is difficult to

state precisely how much country has already been turned to abandon, there is a basic

consensus among most bookmans that estimates someplace about 60 per centum of the

universe and between 65 and 73 per centum in Africa entirely ( Nsiah-Gyabaah, 3 )

( Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential. ) .

Some topographic points are worse than others are, for case Ghana & # 8217 ; s woods have been

degraded into savanna, and the savanna countries are fast turning to comeuppances. The

invasion of desert through over-cultivation, forest glade, and overgrazing

has been worsened by utmost alterations in clime of West Africa since the recent

terrible persistent drouth ( Nsiah-Gyabaah, 10 ) . Most people do non cognize this, but

desertification has been around since the Mediaeval period, possibly even farther

back in history ( Middleton, Thomas Desertification: Exploding the Myth pg 2 ) . It

did non have really much public involvement, nevertheless, until a series of drouths

plagued the West African Sahel between the old ages 1968 and 1974. This drouth

caused a widespread dearth, killing about 100,000 to 200,000 people and

about 12 million cowss ( Glantz, 35 ) . What are people making to get by with losing

their land, places and occupations? It all depends on how much of the farming area they can

salvage. If they are still able to turn some harvests on it so they can exchange to

replacement nutrients ( tree fruits ) and portion what they can turn between houses. If

there is small or nil that can be saved, the state of affairs changes into that of

& lt ;< p>the Dust Bowl. These people sell whatever farm animal and ownerships they have

left and possibly migrate to other countries to farm or seek to sell themselves as

labour ( Nsiah-Gyabaah, 162 ) . There are general ways to repair desertification as

good. These involve either modifying each person & # 8217 ; s farming methods or

monolithic Restoration attempts that would hold to be coordinated and funded by the

authorities. One manner that the authorities could assist rectify the state of affairs is

reasonably simple and cost efficient. The theory is based on the thought that people

would be more concerned with the negative effects on the land if they owned the

land themselves and got something from it. Because of local involvement in certain

countries, some states are sing land rubric enrollment ( Nsiah-Gyabaah,

171 ) . There are besides two major projects that a authorities can seek in order

to non merely prevent and decelerate, but to really reconstruct pastoral countries and

finally farming countries that are presently desert. They are natural and

unreal recovery. “ Natural recovery may be obtained by exclusion of

human influence: neither people nor cowss can perforate the fenced country ” ( Mainguet,

209 ) . Some illustrations of where natural recovery has worked are Southern Tunisia

and Iran. “ Natural recovery can work in hapless dirt, harsh sandy dirts,

saline dirts, even with rainfall lower than 80 millimeter ” ( Mainguet, 204 ) . Natural

recovery does hold drawbacks though. First of wholly, the country that is being

recovered must be fenced in. The size of the land fenced in could do jobs

for mobile husbandmans who would hold to detour the country. Other manners of

transit may besides be affected and disrupted. There are two types of

unreal recovery. The first is intercession on “ topography and dirts:

contour terracing, scarification, ploughing, water-spreading techniques, and

fertilisation. The 2nd type of intercession is seeding ” ( Mainguet, 204 ) .

In the 2nd type seeds are first covered with clay and sand so driven into

the sand by sheep. The clay makes the seeds heavier and helps them to shoot.

Improvement of the state of affairs in West Africa and more specifically Ghana may lie

more in the custodies of the person husbandmans than on the authorities as a whole.

Some of the ways that husbandmans can assist is by implementing harvest rotary motion and

multi-crop agribusiness. Crop rotary motion means to alter from season to season what

types of works are grown on an country of land. Cereal husbandmans should seek to revolve

with Indian potatos and black-eyed peas to maintain birthrate up and the demand for fertilisers at

a lower limit. ( Nsiah-Gyabaah, 180 ) . “ Multi-crop agribusiness, besides called the

inter-cropping system, or back street or strip cropping, is the coincident civilization

of two or more harvests in the same secret plan ” ( Mainguet, 220 ) . This semen in

several different fluctuations from turning harvests separated by rows of trees

( alley cropping ) and turning two or more types of workss in jumping rows.

Both of these methods help to command dirt eroding. Trees help pin down dirt and

prevent it from rinsing or blowing off. If fruit trees are planted they are

besides an surrogate nutrient beginning and a beginning of vitamins that a individual may miss if

they merely take in one specific nutrient. Obviously, desertification is a major

job with non merely many causes but besides as many solutions. The reply,

nevertheless, lies in the custodies of each state and its citizens. Those that try to

actively do a difference have a high possibility of success, while those who

continue to seek to make everything the tradition manner will shortly happen themselves

seeking to farm or drive cowss on stone and sand.